Wednesday, October 31

Little Goose Costume

Hmm, this is probably my last "First Halloween Costume" to crochet, at least for any child born to me. Since both her sisters have little animal nicknames, it was only a matter of time before Lucy got one too. She has become our "Little Goose." Partly because of who she has as an Opa--I still remember him calling my friend in 6th grade "Lucy Goosey"--and partly because she smiles ALL THE TIME, even when there's nothing much to smile about, which makes me smile too and say "Ya silly goose, you!"

For the hood, I followed the contours of the Little Bee hood so I knew it would fit. Every perfectionistic, must-follow-instructions bone in my body fought against the "just wing it" approach, but if I'm ever going to come close to creating the beauties Mom cranks out seemingly effortlessly, I've got to get over my "need" for patterns and instructions. The bill took me a few tries but I'm really pleased with the results. Three cute little crocheted "hairs" for the top, two big black button "eyes", some ties for under her chin, and the hood was done.

Big thank you to Mom for crocheting the webbed-feet booties!!! I think they would've taken me too many days and way too many pull-out-and-start-overs. And I'd thought about trying to crochet some kind of bodice and/or tail and/or wings, but in the end decided it would be just as cute--and WAY less time-consuming--to just put her in her fluffy white sweater (an example of the aforementioned beauties that Mom cranks out).

Happy Halloween! Honk, honk!


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