Monday, January 31

Cardboard Spaceship


For a few years now, the girls have been using the kitchen stools as spaceships. I love it!

IMG_3620 IMG_3658

But I’m sure you can imagine what happens these days when there are three girls and only two stools.

While trying to console/distract/talk reason to Left-out Lucy, I spied the box that our annual gift of oranges came in.  A few cuts, a few hot glue globs, and some odds-and-ends later, Lucy had this:


Originally, I’d set the extra insert off to the side. But then it needed to be glued on to the back to allow for intergalactic personnel transport.


The straps were made from some pajama packaging I kept. Wasn’t sure at the time why I was keeping them, but they’re just the thing for this ship; they even have a tiny section of elastic sewed in, so they have a little bit of give when the girls tug them on and off!


The steering wheel is made from two yogurt container tops, an empty spool of thread, and a long screw that we screwed right into the cardboard.


Along with giving me directions on what to do, the girls also added some things themselves. Lucy got right to work decorating the shuttle walls – my favorite part is the face “with hair” that she added at the front. And Sophie designed the “control panel” with various gauges and levers.


So now we have a third spaceship.

But in solving one problem, I’ve created another – no ones wants to use the stools anymore…


Sunday, January 30

Irving Meets Another Elephant

(continued from here)

You can imagine how thrilled Irving was when he came upon an animal not just his own size, but also of his own kind!

She was Indian. And she was beautiful!


Said Irving, “Hi, how are ya? You wanna be friends?”

Said the beautiful elephant, Would you care for a spot of tea?”

Ooh, she was fancy too.


Irving replied, No thanks. Not right now. What’s your name?”

The beautiful, fancy elephant merely repeated, Would you care for a spot of tea?”

Was she not hearing him?


Irving, speaking louder, tried again. Um, no. Thanks. So, you from around here?”

The beautiful, fancy, repetitive elephant said Would you care for a spot of tea?”



He’d had high hopes.

But the beautiful, fancy elephant seemed to have nothing but tea on the brain.

An unhappy Irving turned and started in on his quest again.

(to be continued)

Tuesday, January 25

Irving and the Little Critters

(continued from here)

Soon, Irving came upon some other animals. They were welcoming and loving and made him feel right at home (even though he didn’t fit inside the home).


They had a lot of fun together. During the day, all of his new friends would climb up onto his high, strong back for a ride.


And at night, they would all snuggle up close to his soft, warm tummy.


But each day, he worried about dropping one of his new friends or – even worse – stepping on them, crushing them to death. And each night, he couldn’t sleep, for fear that he would roll over onto one of his new friends, again crushing them to death.

He was very unhappy.

Perhaps he needed to find an animal his own size…

(to be continued)

Wednesday, January 19

Irving Emerges

On a snowy day in December, at the appointed time, a small soft elephant emerged from his cocoon of fabric and stuffing and thread.


His name was Irving and he knew he had made been for a purpose. He could sense that there was something more.


And so he set off, in search of his destiny.


(to be continued)


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