Friday, February 4

Irving on the Water

(continued from here)

Soon Irving came to the shore of a large carpet ocean. A band of pirates – the jolly, misunderstood Captain-Jack-Sparrow kind, not the horrible, cruel, cutthroat, evil, real kind – invited him to come away with them.


Like the little critters before, these marine marauders were welcoming and loving and made him feel right at home. But again, he felt somewhat cramped…


…especially when he went below deck.


He finally found a spot he loved. Perched at the bow of the boat, with the wind ruffling his ears, he had a grand view of the sea ahead of them.


Unfortunately, anyone weighing anchor did not enjoy their view as much. (Nor did they enjoy the “wind” that occasionally ruffled his tail.)


He felt like he was always in the way. And he was very unhappy.

(to be continued)


  1. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh

  2. I would like to know how Iving got his name? Did I miss that in another chapter? I love that name! :)

  3. thanks, ladies! Glad you're enjoying it!
    No, jenny, I didn't really talk about his name. Started with E names but none of them were "it" -- Elmer, Edwin, Erwin -- but that led to Irwin, and that led to Irving, which I really liked. : )



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