Monday, January 9

WIP: Grey Circle Scarf

Here’s one of the things in my Works In Progress bag. I hope it’ll turn out to be a nice circle scarf. I love the design when it’s hanging…


…but perhaps it’ll so much of a jumble when it’s scrunched together?


I guess it could always just be a hang-down scarf, once I crochet it a little longer. : )


Note: pattern is from Encyclopedia of Crochet.

Saturday, January 7

Hello, Eggbert

or, How To Make A Four-Year-Old Laugh Out Loud With Delight

  1. While making lunch, add assorted food to a hard-boiled egg, e.g. cracker halves for feet, shredded cheese for hair, grape slices for eyes, and a celery slice for a mouth (grapes and celery skewered into place with toothpicks broken in half).
  2. Place plate in front of unsuspecting four-year-old.


Monday, January 2

In Case You Missed LiEr’s Festival of Lights

I meant to post about this when it started but instead, I’m posting about it a week after it ended. Is anyone surprised? Nice to know that even with a new year, some things never change. : )

Anyway, LiEr over at hosted a fun series all about lights and what you can do with them, especially when making kids toys. She had some incredible ideas herself and also rounded up a few guest-posters, including me!


Here are the projects -- click on the photos to go to each post.

Day 1: Light Boxes and Lanterns (made from a storage tub and whipped cream carton, respectively)

image  image

Day 2: Space Shuttle with light-up dashboard buttons (guest post by MaryAnne from Mama Smiles; I love the stuff she does with her kids!)

image  image

Day 3: Christmas Tree Nightlights (made by LiEr, with her kids)

image image

Day 4: Carousel with Lights and Sound (guest post by Katie from matsutake; she’s got mad skillz, man! and she’s my kind of hilarious!)


Day 5: Cardboard Dollhouse (guest post by me from here; now you can see the “wallpaper” I was taking a break from in  my last post – tee hee)


Day 6: Car and Runway (another guest post by me because we were having so much fun adding lights to anything and everything; I’d wanted to make a runway, as in airport, but designer-wannabe Sophie requested a runway, as in fashion!)

image  image

Day 7: Bulb How-Tos, a Starlit Stable, and a Steady Hand Game (again, by the knows-no-bounds LiEr, and her daughter Emily too)

image  image
image  image

Day 8: LED How-Tos and Traffic Lights (not only does LiEr make stuff, she explains stuff so thoroughly, and entertainingly too)

image  image

And finally, Day 9: Trainville (a train, some stations and an amazing tunnel/bridge on a huge expanse of cardboard just waiting to be decorated with tracks and trees and who-knows-what by her kids)

image  image

Hope you enjoyed the show! I’m so glad LiEr included me in the line-up. Playing with lights is a LOT of fun!!!


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