Sunday, November 22

Yummy Turkeys for your Thanksgiving Table…

I haven’t posted since Halloween and now it’s already Thanksgiving here in the States. How did that happen?


Anyway, here’s a fun little snack we made with the kids a few years ago: tasty turkeys… that my kids didn’t complain about eating!

The above photo is the only one I could find. But they’re really simple to make. For each turkey you need:

  • 2 double stuf oreos
  • 5 candy corns
  • 1 raisinet (or some other chocolate covered something)

So then to make your little turkeys:

  1. Twist/pull one cookie off one of the double stuf oreos so you expose the frosting. There’s your turkey’s body.
  2. Eat the cookie so you have the energy needed to finish.
  3. Stick the second oreo—standing on edge—into the frosting of the first oreo near the side.
  4. Stick the candy corns upsidedown into the top of the second oreo. There’s the tail.
  5. Stick the raisinet into the frosting in front of the tail. There’s the head.

And it’s done. Yum.

Wednesday, November 4

Short Post-Halloween Recap

So here are my little Catwoman and Cheetah. Picked this photo since it shows not only the costumes but also the current level of health in our house. (My littlest, Purple Cat, didn’t even make it outside…)


At one point last week, I wondered if it was even worth it to finish the costumes since I didn’t think they’d actually get used; the girls had been lethargic all day Thursday and Friday. Happily, by Saturday, they seemed to be on the mend, so we forged ahead and got things done.

But Monday, the Ick started up all over again. And this time, it included me too. So that’s the end of this recap.


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