Thursday, January 22

More Stenciled T-Shirts :: I Heart Horses, Harry Potter, and Camp Half-Blood

I love reusing old ideas but I hate redoing old work.

So I was pretty annoyed with myself when one of my daughters wanted to make an “I {heart} Horses” t-shirt for a friend’s birthday gift recently, like the one we’d made for Cassie, but I couldn’t find my stencil template anywhere.

I was slightly less annoyed with myself when another daughter wanted to make another “Camp Half-Blood” t-shirt, because I did find the template, but only after looking through every old laptop and back-up drive I could find in the house.

To avoid either of these scenarios in the future, I’m loading my three most recently used T-shirt stencil templates here. If someone else can use them too, so much the better.

1) I {Heart} Horses


Notes: I used fusible web to stick a pink fabric heart onto the t-shirt (I love that the heart matches the pink neck trim, even though you can’t see that when it’s being worn), then stitched around it, but one could just use pink paint too. Also, I was a little lazy with the heart on the template. Long story short, I ended up with two tiny points at the base of the heart and didn’t feel like messing with it anymore so left it as is. Obviously, you should just cut a single point – the tiny black line shows the centerline if you’re a perfectionist.

I Heart Horses Template by Karin


2) Please Don’t Say Dead Sirius, I’m a Harry Potter Fan


You can’t really tell in the photo above, but while we did most of the text in white paint, we then painted over “Sirius” and “Harry Potter” with silver paint to make it stand out more. (For the i/e combo letter, I cut the dot of the “i” and the little “serif” on the “e” when I cut out everything else, but then ironed the little serif piece onto the shirt. I painted only the “e” with white paint. After it had dried, I pulled off the little “serif” piece, then painted the dot, the serif area and left side of the “e” with silver.)

And why didn’t I take more photos to illustrate all these steps?

Because, like usual, it was about 3 minutes before we had to leave for the party and I was just finishing up little details. No time for nice photos!

P.S. One of the details I was finishing up was using a black sharpie to draw over some areas of white that seeped under the stencil. Made the letters look much crisper and cleaner. And the cover-up wasn’t even noticeable from normal viewing distances.

So anyway, here’s the template. I put a small silver HP on the back near the neckline. I thought about putting a snitch there too, but had neither gold paint nor time.

Sirius Harry Potter Template by Karin


3) Camp Half-Blood, Cabin 6


This shirt has been a BIG hit at the recent late elementary/early middle school birthday parties. After making two, I finally got smart and cut three layers of freezer paper at a time, so as to have extra stencils with less work.

Camp Half-Blood T-shirt Template by Karin

Friday, January 16

Daughter’s Cowl with Button

Just realized I haven’t posted a picture of eldest daughter’s crochet project now that it’s finished. She looks so grown up wearing her cowl and she’s so proud.

But that reminded me of Middle Girl who also finished a cowl, who also looks so grown up wearing it (well, when she’s not being silly for the camera), and who is also so proud of what she finished.

20141217_211858  20141217_211901

A gift for her classroom intern who has since returned to college in Germany, it’s actually a long scarf, knitted on her round loom, so it naturally curls all along the long edges.

To make it into a cowl, I helped her make a detachable button. That’s also reversible. In case her intern wants to show a more sassy lime green side.

20141217_211718  20141217_211720  20141217_211722

A close-up of the button – actually two buttons, spaced a little apart and connected with yarn that’s then been wrapped around itself.


Now she’s been hired by our next-door neighbor to make a crocheted cowl for her little girl. Fun fun!

Monday, January 12

Pillow Progress

I decided I didn't need to do a whole granny square spiral blanket. I could just do a pillow and finally use up all those pillow forms that are cluttering up the top of my (newly tidied) workroom closet. And add some color and personality to my couch.

Now I just need to pop in to the thrift store and find a matching sweater, to finish it up. (Lucy at attic24 has a great tutorial for how to make a pillow back from a jumper a.k.a. sweater.) Well, maybe I also need to make a cover for the pillow form -- it does show through the holes if you look close...

Speaking of tutorials, I want to make a note here of how I did this, especially the beginning. But that'll have to wait till I'm at my laptop, not my phone. And till I find my scribbled notes...

Wednesday, January 7

De-Knotting Daughter's Yarn

I was about to start some housework when I saw a crumpled plastic bag, containing my eldest daughter's crochet project. Her first one ever, if you don't count the forest green square she made when learning over Thanksgiving break six ago.

And I remembered her request in the car on the way home from school yesterday. "Mama, can you get a knot out again? I'm stuck."

While I'm at it, I think I'll re-wind the whole ball -- for some reason, it's been getting knotted up way more than usual.

At some point, I'll teach her how to de-knot (and re-wind) yarn herself. But for now, during this time of setting a foundation for a skill that I'd like to last her a lifetime, not just be a two-month passing interest, I think I'll make it as easy as possible for her to pick up her hook and crochet! The housework can wait fifteen minutes.


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