Sunday, October 2

Scenic wall art for Sas

More Saskia stuff. I saw a similar idea on Debbie Travis' Facelift so decided to make this for Saskia's birthday. She: 1) loves nature and sunsets, 2) was jotting down quotes she found in a magazine on our plane trip to Vermont, and 3) is always commenting (i.e. complaining) that her walls are so bare. So I thought this would be a fun gift for her.

I didn't actually make it today, but I did finally "make" a picture of it! : ) Had to do it while they were all up on the wall again -- we're having issues getting them to stick! For the record, a while after adding adhesive pads to the corners instead of the centers of each square, we heard the first one fall off again. -sigh-

Oh, I guess I should mention, the squares are CD covers - the thick ones. I pulled the black CD holder part out, put the picture in the back of the cover, then snapped the CD holder thing back in place. Maybe I should've tried the slim cases.

The quotes (and ideas for layouts) I found at under Inspirational Magnets.

Saturday, October 1

Saskia's birthday cake

It's Saskia's 16th birthday today and here's her cake.

Back when we were making the cake for the Exchange Student Picnic, she had seen a birthday cake in my little cake book and commented that she liked it, so that's the one I chose as my inspiration. I know she likes sunsets and I think this cake kind of invokes that feeling...
I used 2 9" rounds - cut the dome off the lower one but left it on the top one, why cut off good cake, right? (Though I wish I could figure out how to bake cakes without them getting such a high dome in the middle... I wonder if those wilton "wrap" things would help...) Then did a crumb coat and covered it with a big bowl. When I went to put the good thick coat of frosting on the top, it pulled the crumb coat off. Aaargh! I wonder if that was because I had covered the cake and so it didn't "dry" right, or if the frosting I was using was too stiff. I ended up adding more milk and then it worked.


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