Friday, April 1

A cake honoring Moms

We had a little "party" in our PAIIR class today. Everyone was bringing treats -- some healthy, some not so much. Mine fell in the not so much category.

In thinking about how to decorate it, I remembered that MOM upside-down spells out WOW. And I thought that would be a nice way to sum up everything that we do as moms: prepare food, offer food, clean up food, repeat 3 times daily; never-ending laundry and tidying up after the "hurricane" has swept through; wiping little noses, and little bums; and all the rest that makes up a stay-at-home-mom's day. And don't forget the "big" stuff moms give: the love and guidance, the humility and selflessness required, the safety and comfort, and hopefully too, the FUN! So, moms do deserve a big WOW every once in a while.

This was a simple two-layer chocolate cake. Had a little chocolate store-bought frosting left from something else, so covered the top with that. And also had some pale green home-made frosting also left over, so covered the sides with that. Then green dots for lettering and a border. And brown dots because I didn't want to have any frosting leftover. Plus I felt it still needed that certain "something". Didn't realize the end result would make me think I'd be biting into a mint-flavored cake. : )


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