Monday, April 30

Birthday Gifts

Between my three girls, it seems like there’s a birthday party to attend every week right now. We’ve been buying some of the gifts but have made some too.

A pink purse for Miss A, who loves to dress up.

IMG_1382  IMG_1380

A bright purse, filled with markers and a small covered notebook, for Miss C down the street.


A purse for zebra-loving Miss L will be done by tomorrow.


And a larger bag for Miss E who loves big cats (leopards, cheetahs, etc.)


Miss E also likes cats and horses, so Heidi made a poster for her too. A collage out of construction paper and colored pencils. Talking about her process, I asked if she’d sketched the shapes out first. “Nah, I just cut it out.” That girl amazes me on a regular basis. The 3-D writing – with shadows – on the birthday card ain’t too shabby either!


And I made something for my sis-in-law’s birthday too, as well as buying something made by Mo, but I haven’t sent it yet. And her birthday was more than a month ago. What is wrong with me?!?


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