Monday, April 6

Matching Mitts for Mo

Yesterday was the birthday of my friend Mo. So one of my projects over spring break was to make her birthday gift: some potholders to match the apron I made for her last fall.

IMG_1889 IMG_9638   

Not the “normal” potholder shape, I know. The idea is that they protect your fingers when grabbing stuff out of the oven. Which is maybe why someone online referred to them as fingertip mitts. Or in the words of my 4-year-old, “Why are you making duck puppets for Auntie Mo?” 


(By the way, I referenced tutorials here and here but didn’t follow them exactly. Mo, I do with patterns what you do with recipes – they’re a great jumping off point, with lots of room for substitutions and changes!)

But enough about the mitts I made; I want to talk some mo’ 'about Mo. : )

She is so goofy, laughs so freely, jokes so easily…

IMG_9648 fxd

…and yet has such a tender heart too, is so caring. (Case in point: About once a week, she makes extra food and gives a meal to someone who’s sick, or has a new baby, or who could just use a boost.)

And she makes jewelry! She makes gorgeous jewelry!

IMG_0539 IMG_0545

I wanted to set up an etsy store for her as a birthday gift, but was derailed when I found out someone was already using her name, MoJo Jewelry. Grrr. Anyway, check out these sweet creations of hers…

(Click picture for larger view) 

How did I not get any photos of her earrings and bracelets?!? Huh…


  1. Hooray, you're back! LOVE the potholders! Such a clever shape and the fabric is so pretty and cheery, which is especially what we need right now during this poor excuse of a spring! And all that jewellery! Very nice.

  2. I know I'm goofy but did you have to tell everyone else??? Thanks for the sweet tribute. I love you friend.

  3. Thanks, LiEr! Looks like we have to bundle up for a while again. Grrr.

    Mo, as if it's some big secret that you're goofy. Just think of all the other things I COULD have said... : )

  4. i love the potholders!! i think the design is great. i'm making new things for my kitchen so will have to keep these in mind.

    mo is very lucky to have such a great friend!! you really are so kind and always making things for others.

  5. So how much would you charge for the potholders?

  6. Thanks, Kerri. Now I want to make myself a pair soon too, see if they work the way I imagine.

    Ebby, I'm flattered you would ask. This first set took me quite a while -- sewing the colored border was NOT quick or easy -- so unless I can figure out a quicker process, there's so way I can charge enough to make up for the time I invest. I don't think anyone wants to buy $45 potholders! : )



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