Wednesday, April 8

Possible Patio in Google SketchUp

Seems my blog has been pretending to be a “sewing blog” recently. So here’s another project I worked on last week that has nothing to do with fabric and thread.

Instead it used another one of my favorite things, Google SketchUp.

So what was the project? Modeling my friend Suzanne’s backyard and adding a patio so her husband could visualize what her idea of increasing their “outdoor living space” would look like.

Here’s an aerial view. I modeled the house and deck based on photos Suz took. Then it was easy to plop the patio in. Grill and swing came from the 3D Warehouse of stuff modeled by other people.

patio5 aerial view

Here are a few more views, current on left vs. with patio on right… 
Deck 003Patio2 
 Deck 006Patio4

It was all I could do not to start adding planters and patio furniture and all sorts of other fun stuff from the 3D Warehouse. Suz, ya think Nate might also like a koi pond?  : )

TEMP koi pond
{koi pond modeled by StarbucksDesigns}

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