Saturday, April 25

Detour & Unscheduled Stops…

Hmm, had hoped to have the first of my cardboard posts up by now. But that was before my internet connection quit for a And now I have internet access again but can’t send any emails…

But far worse…

…that was before we realized that Heidi’s passport, the one she needs in three days so she can go on her trip with my parents, expired last year!

Long story short, there’s a passport agency office in the city near my parents’ home. And supposedly, they can get you a passport in a day… if you have an appointment… which we were able to get for Monday morning.

So our two-day weekend trip one state over to deliver Heidi to my parents at the halfway point (and see my adorable niece and nephew) has doubled in length with another two-day stay in another state and now includes one day spent with my man, my oldest girl and federal bureaucrats, who I hope will be lovely people.

One bright spot: I discovered that my entryway at mid-morning is a great spot to take “well lit” “white background” passport photos. However, getting a photo where she’s “looking straight ahead” with “eyes open” and “lips closed”… and has a halfway decent expression on her face, well, that took a while.

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  1. Yikes about the passport! I remember doing something crazy like that for Jenna and Dave too on one of her Singapore trips. Am glad things are going to work out OK by Monday. Phew. Bon voyage, Heidi, you little globetrotter, you!

  2. Wow! I am worrying about that very same issue as Madeline does not have a passport yet, and Victoria's expired. If I have to take an emergency trip home we're in big trouble. Wonder if you can get a passport in Rochester in three days. I bet you have to pay a premium too!So glad she will get it in time though!

  3. Bummer! Mark just went and got his too for Mexico. (not that I think he should go...although, no one cares about what I think!) If he gets the Swine Flu....he's not allowed to come home!

  4. Well, we did get the passport in time. And she made it over there just fine.

    Hanne, as far as I know, for speedy passports (travel in less than two weeks), you have to show up IN PERSON at one of the federal passport offices. Unless you want to pay hugely exorbitant fees to a private expediting service - that's another option...

    Jenny, I was wondering about the Mexico trip... So they're still going, eh? (Not only swine flu, but Ken says there's crazy killing going on along the border, rival gangs and whatnot. Yikes...)



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