Wednesday, April 22

I Love Cardboard!

cardboard-boxesLorraine at ikatbag has a great post celebrating Earth Day by sharing links to a number of cardboard concoctions made by various bloggers, including me. Yippee!

However, my link leads to that neurotic nursery I made years ago(Lorraine kindly calls it “unbelievable”) while the all other links showcase fantastic creations that most any kid would love – and that many kids could even help make: art easels, lemonade stands, rocketships, and much, much more. You must go see!

So anyway, my “cardboard” blog category definitely needs a little work! But not tonight – I’ve got bills to pay and laundry to fold and 2-year-old to convince she wants to sleep in a toddler bed...

“Real” posts with descriptions/directions will come soon; in the mean time, here are a few photos of my kids enjoying that pervasive packing material about which I am so passionate…    

Aaah, cardboard.

Photo on bottom left is evidence that you don’t even need to get fancy with scissors, tape, etc. A bright, partitioned box, free from your grocer, can provide two preschoolers with hours—even days—of play. As a “car,” a “boat,” and I forget what all else. In this photo, they were playing “zoo” (one “elephant” didn’t like cameras). I thought their choice of animal was pretty funny, considering the box…


  1. I love! That little wearable fire truck is so, so cute! Argh! So many good ideas here, K! Can't wait for the next post in which you Tell All.

    P.S. Neurotic or not, I still think that nursery model is really neat. There are so many kid-sized structures out there but not many tiny model ones like yours - with all the wonderful details!

  2. I thought your model nursery was stunning. These photos are great, I look forward to seeing the posts to go wtih them!

  3. I think my cardboard days are over. Other than I have a bunch of empty shoeboxes on my kitchen table right now from a teenager with a shoe fettish cleaning out her bedroom and piling cardboard in my clean kitchen. Arrg!

  4. Karin,
    about the placemats--just printed on paper. thanks for stopping by. Your cardboard skills are incredible! Heather



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