Wednesday, April 15

An Embellished Bookmark for my Buddy

It was my friend Kristi’s birthday today. I knew I wanted to make her something using these fabrics (“I love these. Paisleys and stripes are my favorite” was her comment months ago when she saw my purchase)...


…but I was as conflicted and indecisive as Kristi at a pottery painting place (I love this quiz she made up! And see, Kristi? I’m not always a ‘b’!).

Thought about an apron but cooking is not one of Kristi’s favorite things. (Nevertheless, she’s posted some excellent “recipes for the non-gourmet” – tasty, yet quick and easy.) So I thought that might be like gifting a vacuum cleaner to someone like me.

Dismissed potholders for the same reason. Plus I still need to work out some kinks with “practice fabric” before I make any more and didn’t have time for that this week.

Wanted to try some headband patterns (this one or this one) but I hardly ever see Kristi wearing one.

Won’t list any more ideas. Let’s cut to the chase…

Finally, seeing as how she’s a voracious reader and is in a monthly book club, I figured maybe a bookmark would be nice…


…jazzed up with some words from her list of 112 things she wants to do by 2012 (a funny and inspirational list!).


Not sure how I feel about the K. (Kristi, if you want to cut it off, go right ahead.) I was going to appliqué it on but couldn’t find a good spot. So this seemed like the next best idea – it can ride outside the book, marking it as hers! : )


Plus, the way it bursts out of the top makes me think of the laughter that erupts out of you, Kristi. Love your sense of humor, your wit, your wisdom, your ideas. Happy birthday, friend!!


  1. Karin, that was a very thoughtful and creative gift. I love it.

  2. Karin, thank you, once again, and thanks for all the attention to ME on this post! Wow. That's kinda fun.

  3. Very nice bookmark, K! And the "K" fits - am glad you didn't leave it out afterall. The detail! The embroidery! Hidden words - so clever. Such a work of love. And the "teaser" post leading up to this was so fun too!



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