Monday, July 16

Table Cover

I love the carved, rosewood table and buffet my parents gave us when we moved up here. But I often shudder to see what it has to endure during this season of life: sticky fingers poking forks into the carved design, loose lips dribbling yogurt into the various cracks and crevices, booster seats strapped tight onto the chairs, little tykes climbing into and out of those booster seats multiple times a day, tabletop used for eating and coloring and crafting and playing games, table legs bumped into daily by the much-needed vaccuum, etc.

So in an attempt to protect at least a portion of the poor table, I finally cover a vinyl cover sewed up. Look closely and you'll see some messy seams and lumpy threads, but I'm too busy looking at other things these days (3 beautiful girls growing up quickly) to notice the bumps and lumps. And oh, it's so easy to clean! : )

Now I'd like to do something about the chair cushions. The yucky-beige, daily-newly-stained, ripped-from-constant-tugging chair cushions. And maybe figure out a different chair protector under the booster seat than a bright blue bath towel!


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