Sunday, June 3

A bird on a bag is worth two in the brain…

Haven’t posted much recently, and not sure I’ll be able to post much in June, but I figured I’d steal a few minutes to show an “in process” shot.


This idea has been floating around in my mind for weeks. It feels good to finally have it coming to life. The above piece of brown fabric will become the outside of a bag for S’s teacher, who loves birds and nature. (I’m following JCaroline’s Hobo Bag pattern, with a few tweaks.)

Here’s a peek at the inside. I’m a firm believer that all large pursey-bags must have inner pockets! JCaroline’s tutorial included how to add a zippered pocket but I also used parts of this tutorial at CraftPassion.


And while at, I found a tutorial for making a 6-compartment slip pocket, which was helpful because I couldn’t remember my previous method. My pocket set is bigger than hers and sewn on slightly differently, but the idea is the same.


Hmm, don’t have any shots of the other bag, for H’s teacher. But that one’s coming along too – grey with “barberry red” piping and some sort of applique that I’m still figuring out. Better get back to them – last day of school is Thursday!


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