Sunday, July 13

My sabbatical has started...

I began the last post saying I wouldn't be posting for a week. Now it's already a month later. And--though I have been happily making stuff, including the playhouse for the girls (pic at right shows my man helping me with the roof, him having longer arms and all...)--anyway, this post is just to say I'm taking off for a while. Going on sabbatical.

In part, it's due to some things I experienced on the mission trip, and the thoughts those fantastic experiences generated. And in part, it's because my kitchen counter has recently looked like this, more often than not:

And unfortunately, the counter is representative of the rest of the house as well. (Just keepin' it real, here, folks. I'm thinking I might as well starting calling the family room the "PDA", as in Permanent Disaster Area.)

I do hope to return, after I get some things figured out, settled down, and/or chugging along. But we'll see. If you want to be informed if/when I return, just drop me a line...



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