Saturday, June 14

We interrupt this blog-cast...

Well, I won't be posting for about a week. For a change though, it's not just because life is going by too fast and I'm just not taking the time or feeling the urge -- rather it's because I'm not around a computer! About 2 dozen of us (18 students, 4 adults) are heading off to Ohio for a week of work and fun. 12-passenger vans, here we come! Two of 'em! Plus trailers! For a 12-hour minimum trip! And that doesn't include the closed-due-to-being-flooded highways that we have to circumnavigate in Wisconsin. And the potty breaks, oh the potty breaks, I'm already scared about how many hours of my life I will lose at random truckstops between here and eastern Ohio...

Anyway, we'll be staying at Beulah Beach Camp & Retreat Center in Vermilion, where we'll be working two of the days, and also going into Cleveland, where we'll be putting on Backyard Bible Clubs three of the days. And to start our week, we'll be at nearby Cedar Point, "The Roller Coaster Capital of the World!"


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