Sunday, July 13

My sabbatical has started...

I began the last post saying I wouldn't be posting for a week. Now it's already a month later. And--though I have been happily making stuff, including the playhouse for the girls (pic at right shows my man helping me with the roof, him having longer arms and all...)--anyway, this post is just to say I'm taking off for a while. Going on sabbatical.

In part, it's due to some things I experienced on the mission trip, and the thoughts those fantastic experiences generated. And in part, it's because my kitchen counter has recently looked like this, more often than not:

And unfortunately, the counter is representative of the rest of the house as well. (Just keepin' it real, here, folks. I'm thinking I might as well starting calling the family room the "PDA", as in Permanent Disaster Area.)

I do hope to return, after I get some things figured out, settled down, and/or chugging along. But we'll see. If you want to be informed if/when I return, just drop me a line...



  1. lol...looks like my kitchen! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  2. Karin,

    Thanks for stopping at my blog. I have another friend with your name spelling but pronounce Karen...I sent her replies and she was like I never left any comments. Anyways...thanks so much for leaving comments, I love to hear from people. I fixed the answer regarding the Pottery Barn bag. When is your sabbatical over?


  3. Hi Karin, thanks so much for visiting! I made two quick visits to your blog today but only got to leave a comment now when the crazy children are finally (but not securely) asleep. There are so many good things on it! The laundry bins, the gorgeous cakes, the woodworking. And crocheted costumes! You're a real all-rounder! Definitely going to come back again and again. My second daughter's birthday is next week and I feel a great urge to make a cake like some of those I saw here! I doubt if it will turn out anything like, though. Can't wait to see what you come up with next after your sabbatical. Rest well.

  4. Karin,

    I just looked at your cakes...YIKES! I'll teach you how to make Red Velvet Balls and you can teach me how to make cakes. :)

    (I can also throw away all your stuff for you too!!)

  5. You changed the look of your blog -- love it! When are you gonna start writing again??? I keep checking just to see if maybe... :-)

  6. I'm thinking I'll update tonight while the rest of the crew is at Awana! so see you soon, Delilah... : )



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