Monday, April 20

My “baby” is TWO?!?

It was Lucy’s birthday yesterday. Which means—among other things—time to decorate another cake… 


I’ve been nursing a cold all weekend, so no 3-colored creations like last year.

Instead, first Ken baked the cake. (It was never flipped out of the pan on Saturday, so by Sunday it was too late. But that also meant I could skip cutting a piece of cardboard to size and covering it with foil or something.)

Then I frosted the base with chocolate frosting, which I had in a can in the pantry, and did the writing with pink frosting, which I had in the freezer leftover from Sophie’s castle cake. The pink was already bagged up and everything so all I had to do was screw on a decorating tip.


Lest I give the impression that I did something without somehow complicating it, I did first browse for some lettering inspiration.

(Found out about letterheadfonts recently from this beautiful blog by Cathe Holden, in this post showcasing vintage signs.)

So the “happy birthday” was inspired by LHF Bounce Script – oh, just look at that beautifully perfect ‘H’!!! –

Cake text -- Bounce

and the “Lucy!” was inspired by LHF Big Top.

Cake text Big Top

Have you ever seen so much beauty in one “View All Fonts” page?!?


Or am i the only font-lover reading this?…


{insert sound of crickets chirping here}


OK, if fonts don’t do it for you, what about 2-year-olds singing “Happy Birthday”?

Well, anyway, happy birthday, Lucy! I love you, my sweet munchkin who is not a baby anymore.

And now it’s time to find some lunch for the kiddoes. Am still not feeling that great. If I serve them carrot sticks next to leftover cake, does that constitute a balanced meal?


  1. OH - she is so cute!!! Your kids are so smart Karin, i just love them.


  2. Happy birthday Lucy! I'm glad we got to meet her before she "grew up"! And what awesome fonts! Your cake turned out really nice - I really, really like your lettering! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I love the lettering on the cake, and your daughter is adorable!

  4. Karin, I would have thought that you were maybe taking too many meds....but Mark is a font lover. So, I understand....sort-of! :)

  5. What a great idea for writing with icing! So great, I did it and LINKED back to your blog in my post!!


  6. So glad you could use the idea, Cathe! Your cake turned out so great -- and oh-so-tasty looking.



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