Monday, April 21

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

I thought I was done with cakes for a while, truly I did. Was going to post something else for a change, truly I was. And yet, here I am again with another cake. But for a change, this one was made 2 days ago, not 2 months, or 2 years!

One of Lucy's nicknames is "the little goose" so I figured I'd use that as my inspiration. Needed some help in the goose-drawing department so I used some clipart from Microsoft that I love as a guide (technically it's called a "duck" there, but looks like a goose to me!). Heidi was so funny as I was frosting it: What's all the green for?... Why are you covering the white?... (the initial "crumb coat" which is meant to be covered!) Why don't you add the orange? That's too much green, Mama... Well, maybe the goose will look like it's on a field of grass. Then why are you making it so smooth? You should make it bumpy like grass... (Not a bad idea, so I started doing that... and managed to pull up a bit of my crumb coat, making a little hole all the way down to the cake underneath.) No, Mama, you should NOT make it bumpy. We don't want holes everywhere... You need more green, Mama... and on it went!

To add a bit of German to the mix, on the one side I added the phrase Lucy ist ein "GANS"es Jahr alt! which is a play on words since "gans" is "goose" but "ganz" (pronounced the same way) is "whole." So while it sounds like Lucy is one WHOLE year old, literally it is Lucy is one GOOSE year old. Ha ha!

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  1. Very cute, Karin! The girls' comments are precious, too.



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