Thursday, April 10

Last one, I promise...

While I'm on a cake roll, here's one more. (Promise, this is the last one for at least a week. Til I make Lucy's. And then it will take at least another week for me to actually post it.) I'm not sure what inspired this one. Wait, I remember now. (Gimme a break, it was more than a year ago!) I asked Sophie what she wanted on her cake. "Flowers." Anything else? "Big ones." At which point, Heidi chimed in too: "Yellow ones... with purple." (H's favorite color.) By the way, the flowers are actually frosted mini-cupcakes. The two hanging over the side have a toothpick skewering them and the cake, holding them in place.

The other thing I remember is explaining to Sophie that she was going to be a year older and would have a new answer now when people asked how old she is. We'd say things like "Sophie, soon you'll be two." But as soon as she heard the word two, she'd launch into counting, continuing with "free, fo', fife, six..." and finally stopping at "firteen." (Hence, the numbers encircling the side.) Oh, look at how little she looks. My middle-est has grown so much this year!

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