Monday, April 7

Kevin's Cake

Sheesh, I haven't posted anything here in a month! I have made some stuff but either haven't taken pictures or don't want certain people (who maybe don't even know this blog exists, much less read it, but still...) to see, so I'll just post some earlier stuff for a while til I get motivated enough to take pictures of new stuff...

So in honor of the one person who actually maybe reads this blog o' mine (other than me), here's the cake I made for her husband on the occasion of his being named "Nurse of the Year"... Or was it for the rest of us on the committee that was meeting that night who will use anything as an excuse to eat cake while sit around the conference table? Regardless, it was nice to be able to celebrate him and the recognition of his achievement. And eat chocolate cake.

The phrase on the back is his second most favorite phrase to use when discussing his profession. His first most favorite phrase includes the word "pus" which I refused to pipe onto a cake.


  1. Finally!! J.K. Very cute cake, Karin. Yes, "pus" is only ONE of many icky wound words we hear at our house. Wound vocabulary cake would be good for those on a diet.

  2. Ha ha! "Wound vocabulary cake" - now there's three words you don't see together very often. Kristi, you crack me up!



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