Friday, March 7

Sophie's Purse

After I made a purse for Heidi, of course Sophie wanted one as well. Looking through my stash, she quickly picked out the "hula girls" print for the outside. Then I vetoed her first choice for the inside and picked a black fabric instead (heavyweight to add some shape). But really now, Mom! What 3-year-old wants any black on her purse, even if it does coordinate?!? Both girls vetoed my selection! Then I remembered the stacks of fabrics that I'd used a while back for a project and hadn't put away again. Sophie was much happier with my next suggestion: a bright bold pink!

Like last time, the fabric choice strongly influenced the construction. For lil' ol' indecisive me, it was great! I based the dimensions on the height of the stripes and the width of the pattern repeat. It was like putting puzzle pieces together -- the seated hula girls became the body of the purse and then the standing ones became the flap, with some rows of hanging lanterns here and there.

Added bonus: I was able to make it reversible. So easy!!! If anyone else ever actually reads this and wants some directions, let me know. It really is so easy!!! So now Sophie has TWO purses... "beach purse" (as the girls were soon calling it) and "pink purse" (which is crying out "Embellish me! Embellish me please, or else I won't have a fighting chance against the colorful eye-candy-for-3-year-olds known as Beach Purse"). Maybe I'll have to try my hand at a few crocheted flowers or something...

Start to finish: about 2 hours (excluding interruptions and "help" from Heidi and Sophie, I think I could've whipped it out in 45 minutes or less)

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