Tuesday, April 15

Happy Birthday, Kristi!

In keeping with a last two posts, here's another about cakes. Ha, just kidding. No, another about birthdays! I was over at Kristi's this weekend to work on our Mini-Me movie. We needed some safety pins to hold the costume in place. Well, who can ever find safety pins when you need them?!? She did manage to find some. Well, two. Later, when I was home again, I thought it would be funny to give her a little package of safety pins on her birthday, whenever that was. But would she even remember her lack of pins, when the time came to give the gift? Then I glanced at my calendar for something else and noticed her birthday was just two days away. What great timing!

On my way to JoAnn's for the pins, I thought it would be fun to make a little zippered pouch (as seen in a tutorial recently; be warned, the tute's in French...) to put them in, instead of wrapping them. So figured I'd get a zipper too. And while I tried to talk myself into using something from the stash, in the end I opted to buy fabrics, ones that seemed more "Kristi" to me. A heavier-duty stripe for the outside and a lighter dotted (as seen in the background in the photo) for the inside. I used some ribbon for the zipper pull and had wanted to somehow also incorporate it onto the outside, but in the end, just used it to tie a bow around the package (pouch folded in half and stuffed into a clear cellophane bag I happened to have left over from some other gift-giving).

Oh, and I should have taken a picture of the minimalist card. I followed Heidi's example; recently, she's been in the mood to make birthday cards, primarily for Lucy. So there are scraps of paper everywhere with "HBL" on them. (She figures the first letter often suffices for the entire word.) Oh, how her creativity inspires me! Here she is half-done with her portrait. Of me. : )

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  1. Thanks again, Karin! Your spontaneity and creativity inspire me! The song from the "Jungle Book" just popped into my head, "I want to be like you-ou-ou!" You complete things I wouldn't complete because I think of all the reasons it won't work or that I don't have time.



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