Tuesday, April 22

New (temporary?) layout

Surprise! (to all three of my readers - ha ha) Looks a little different around here, huh? I just couldn't look at that grey and maroon layout anymore. Yech! So rather than update the "family" blog OR this one, I surfed the Internet looking for a new blogger template. I learned something. Free templates are free for a reason.

No, that's mean. There really are some nice ones out there, but hard to find one that really clicks with me and what I'm posting about here. e.g. no coffee cups in my header, thank you very much. I don't drink coffee. And as pretty as mountains and sunsets are, they have nothing to do with my content. Eventually, I found a "notebook paper" one that I liked a lot, til I applied it to my blog and saw how big the text was. I've always liked "college-ruled" notebooks -- this was that other type, but on steroids. My posts were each about 3 feet long. So with a bit of sadness, I kept looking...

In the end, I settled on this one, "color pencils." At least, it conveys the idea of creativity or art. Compared to the pic posted here, you can see I did customize it a little. Wanted to actually be able to read the date text. And there were a few other things I didn't like. So that was a fun foray into CSS. This color chart came in very handy -- must make a note of it for future reference. (I love love love red, but not when all the other accents on the page are blue!)

So what do you think? Is it better? It'll probably (hopefully) change again, but in the meantime, is it readable? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?


  1. Cool color chart--thanks! It looks pretty good. Here's another website with some free designs--although they can be busy. Also--I'm not sure if I like it when the background doesn't scroll with the text. http://www.cutestblogontheblock.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks for the link Kristi. There are some really neat backgrounds there! Yeah, I'm with you on the scrolling background -- but I think I can fix that. I assume it's caused by the code she suggests: "background-attachment: fixed"



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