Tuesday, February 17

Castle Cake: Happy 4th Birthday, Sophie!

For her party, Sophie requested "Pirates & Princesses" just like her older sister had the year before. But I didn't want to repeat the treasure chest, so figured I'd finally try a castle.

For anyone who doesn't recognize Playmobile, the figurines on top are plastic, not intricately molded marzipan! : ) I'm not sure when the unicorn and two princesses in back showed up; all I had stuck into the roof were the two kids up front. I do have a couple guesses on who was responsible for the additions...

But the battlements on top of each tower, those are pure sugar! I'm still having such fun playing with all the decorating tips a friend graciously gave me a few years back.

I kinda wish I'd used grey instead of white for the "stone" walls. But that would have involved mixing up the colors and estimating how much frosting I'd need and and and. So I decided to keep things simple for a change. OK, yes, truly "simple" would mean buying a pre-frosted cake at Target. But when you grow up watching your momma decorate and sell wedding cakes, Mon Chi Chi cakes, cakes shaped like rockets and soccer balls and Oscar the Grouch, you often lose the ability to go out and buy a cake. At least, that's what happened to me.

By the way, where was the building inspector when those towers were being erected? They look a bit tippy, but stayed upright til they were cut up and consumed! Happy Birthday, Sophie. It's amazing how much you've changed in two years.


  1. You get the "mother-of-the-year" award! I am a "go-to-Target" mom! :)

  2. Yeah, me too Jenny. Once again, Karin, I stand in awe!! :-)

  3. Holy cow! It's amazing that I saw the chocolate cakes plain, sitting on your counter. I have no idea how you can create something so amazing! Probably because you are amazing and always full of suprises!

  4. Jenny, any award like that I'd be sharing with you and the rest of the fantastic moms I know!

    Dee, i have no doubt both you and Jenny could totally whip out some great cakes yourselves! A huge part is having the right tools and being taught just a few techniques... And hey, there's nothing wrong with Target cakes either.

    Suz, you're sweet. And I've seen you pull out some amazingly decorated cakes yourself. e.g. the Merry-Go-Round cake that really spun in circles and had iced animals and all...

  5. I LOVE baking and making cakes would fall into that catagory. My mom was taught a few tricks about decorating cakes when I was little. We had a cake maker in our church and she taught a ladies "small group" her tips. Yes, I remember squeezing the decor. bag of frosting into my mouth! It was always fun to see the roses being formed on her little white pedistal. So, I just need a teacher. Hint, Hint, Hint!!

    Although, I am addicted to buying Sentry cakes. They don't have that store around here. I miss them. It's really just the frosting that I love. I'd have to figure out how to make a great butter cream frosting...none of the cool whip frosting. If I am going to eat cake...it's going to be full of fat!! :) I bet they use something nasty like LARD in their frosting.

  6. Wow!! That is really amazing. I just love the cake, and the little playmobil people are so cute on the castle.

  7. VERY impressed! A 3D cake, first, and one that is (in theory) so simple and yet looks like it isn't. I love all the cakes you've put on your blog. My favorite part I think must be the lettering/inscription - I love that you didn't use curly-wurly script that's hard to read. I love the font you used! You're Martha, I swear!

  8. Mmm, Jenny. I want to try a sentry cake now. My frosting is definitely not good for you! Crisco is not quite "lard," but close...

    Thanks, Kerri. If it had been up to my girls, there would have been about a dozen more Playmobil guys up there!

    Thanks, LiEr. You know, among the cake decorating stuff my friend showered me with is a set of "curly-wurly script" word stencils - you squish the stencil into the cake to give you an imprint to pipe over. I should probably give those away, since I NEVER use them! I love writing in different fonts, on cakes and off.



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