Friday, February 20

Happy Birthday, Momma!

It's my mom's birthday today. I've mentioned her here and there throughout these posts, but the truth is, she's essentially in every one of them. So much of what I write about here is all stuff I got from her, learned from her, absorbed from her.

If I had to describe her in two words, I'd pick: supremely capable. Or maybe amazingly adaptable. This woman can do anything! She is a:

Tailor.(Including her wedding dress)
Quilter.(Taught me you didn't need to know any "rules" - just start sewing.)
Crocheter.(Creates baby sweaters. Without a pattern.)
Upholsterer.(Can turn a couch from "Blah" to "Rah!")
Dollhouse maker.(With fabulous furniture of course.)
Cake decorator.(Any shape, she can make.)
Chef.(At her best when there's a dozen or more people to feed.)
Barber.(For half my life, I thought all moms cut their husbands' and sons' hair.)
Up-do beautician.(Did up my hair on my wedding day!)
Make-do technician.(A female MacGuvyer, she can make something out of "nothing.")
Prankster.(Ask her balance a glass of water on a pin... Or a broom handle...)
Public speaker.(In German, no less!)
Poem reciter.(She knows one for every occasion.)
Silly song singer.(She knows one of these for any occasion, too.)
 (And I could keep going, at least one for each of her years...)

She's a midwest farmer's daughter who ended up living overseas for 15 years and just "bloomed where she was planted."

She's the most helpful houseguest ever, especially when visiting someone who's just had a baby. (Seriously! She should rent herself out for that!)

She's faced her share of struggles, including some she's still in the midst of now, but even then, she is wise and strong.

She is a key role model of mine for what a godly person looks like.

Happy Birthday, Momma. I love you so!


  1. I should really print this out and put it in my "sunshine box." That is where I put stuff that especially encourages me or that brings me a fond memory of someone special. Then if I get down on myself, I can take something out to hlep banish the thought. You are a WONDERFUL cheerleader, Karin! Thanks!

  2. Ah, yes. The sunshine box. Yet another idea I gleaned from you. In fact, I added something to mine just this morning as I was sorting through some papers and came across something that tugged on my heartstrings...

  3. That's so wonderful! Happy Birthday, Karin's mom!! :-)

  4. Happy birthday, Karin's Momma!! :)

    Give her an extra hug from a girl who can no longer hug her "momma"! I can only say that a relationship bewteen a mother and daughter is like no other. Cherish every moment!

    Your girls will desire to have that with you someday, Karin!

  5. Your mom is beautiful, Karin!! Happy Happy Birthday!

  6. Sweet stuff, Karin. You have one gifted Momma who's great at Caracassonne, too!

  7. Wonderful post dear cousin. Happy Birthday Auntie Gloria! FABULOUS picture of you two. KLK



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