Wednesday, February 11

Pillows for February

Valentine's Day -- it's just 3 days away now; got any fun plans? At our house, it's kind of overshadowed by Sophie's birthday that same day, but I did accomplish something special for the girls this year...Last year some time, I read about a mom who made "special occasion" pillow cases for her kids. I told a friend about it who loved the idea too and soon we found ourselves standing in JoAnn's, ready to start getting fabric for this fabulous new project.

Then we did the math: 1 yard per pillow, $3 (or likely more) per yard of fabric, 3 or 4 kids per family, 1 pillow per kid per month, 12 months per year. That's at least $108-144 total, maybe even more! For pillows! We quickly got in our car and drove home again.

But then last month, I found a discounted 2-yard remnant covered in hearts. And I remembered the pillow idea. And I thought, Forget the other 11 months; I can just start with ONE special occasion, right? And I figured I could get creative and use less than a yard of the print per pillow (since I had only 2 yards, but 3 daughters).

Finally sewed 'em up this morning, with just 3 days to spare. And I still have enough print fabric to make three more. (The back is solid pink.)

The girls are so excited. Well, the older pair are. Not-yet-two Lucy had little to say about her new pillowcase.

Speaking of Valentine's Day and excited girls, a friend is having a giveaway for a cute cute bracelet. My girls would love this. (I would too.) Winner will be picked on Feb 14. So click on over and enter here.


  1. Hey there - I, too, read about the Special Occasion Pillows some time ago and was extremely tempted to do it, especially since I had Christmas fabric and no Christmassy ideas. Never got round to it, of course, so am glad to see you did something (and a very pretty something, at that!) with the idea! Very creative use of one-fabric-to-make-other-fabric-go-further! I trust you are all feeling better this week?

  2. I love these. Great idea!!

  3. Congratulations, Karin! I drew your name for the bracelet!



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