Saturday, February 21 free audiobooks!

On mornings when Daddy is at class, Mommy is wielding power tools, and yet, the girls want to listen to stories, I'm so glad Ken found where we've downloading numerous audio files for free. In addition to all their other recordings, they have 363 (and counting) stories in the "Children" category. Like Little Women and Anne of Green Gables.

In order not to violate copyright laws, they only have books that are in the public domain, which mostly means ones written before 1923. But I'd often rather have my girls hearing some of that stuff than some of the "literature" that's marketed to kids today. Some of our recent favorites are the many stories by Thornton Burgess, which Daddy listened to when he was a little boy! (Great stories if you like ones where animals talk, which I know at least of one of you decidedly doesn't! Nice too in that they include some good morals but aren't real preachy about it.)

I will warn you -- the books are all read and recorded by volunteers; some readers are better than others. (We listened to about two minutes of one download before dragging that one to the Recycle Bin...)

(And Delilah, it looks like they have a bunch of Austens!)

So this is Reason #318 Why I Love The Internet (or WILTI).

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