Wednesday, February 25

Speaking of...

I've been enjoying reading about Kerri's Lovely Little Handmades and seeing her beautiful quilt projects over the past month. Well, she is now hosting a giveaway for some amazingly lovely fabric. Unless I'm super lucky when she randomly selects the winner on Feb 28th, this photo is probably as close as I'll get to all these beautiful reds and aquas and browns... And mushrooms! People, there are mushrooms in the mix! So jump on over and throw your name in the hat. And while you're there, ooh and aah at some of her other stuff.

Speaking of
reds and aquas, this is what my blog wants to look like when it grows up; Shannon's blog design is absolutely fantastic. Which is not surprising since she designs blogs professionally. And her posts ain't too bad either. Was inspired by this one to do this:
I don't like treadmillling when I'm watching TV; would rather be curled up next to Ken. But while surfing, blogging, emailing, finding recipes, etc.? Hey, this just might work!

Was also inspired by Shannon's many fun and lovely cakes, and the last photo of this post in particular, to ask her how she keeps from getting ginormously-huge domes on her cakes, like I do. Her secret: bake at 325 instead of 350. I'll have to try that on my next cake.

Speaking of
cakes, I thought it would be fun to host a little cake decorating class in mid-March for anyone who's interested in trying it (and who lives nearby in SEMinn). With the right tips--I meant metal decorating tips, but "tips" as in "hints" works too--you can do some cool stuff that's really quite easy. Email me directly so we can figure out more details (kmskms at charter dot net). It would probably be a weeknight evening, after the kids are in bed.

(This is a set of "sampler" cakes I made for a friend after she decluttered and gave me ALL her cake decorating stuff four years ago! Jenny, you were talking about being generous? I want to give gifts like this! Want to give the "good stuff" that I don't use -- if I'm honest with myself -- not just the "old stuff" I'm tired of!)

Speaking of
bed, I should go to mine. But hey, I burned over 200 calories tonight!

P.S. Does throwing a few extraneous boards (took 'em off the footboards of the bunk beds) and laying them on the arms of the treadmill warrant adding the "woodworking" category to this post?!? : )


  1. Way to go-go-go! But even if I had my laptop in front of me, I still wouldn't like "DREADMILLS" --I need something that moves by MY power-- like a Nordic-trak. But having it set up in front of the TV with the TV on doesn't seem to get it done!

  2. Yeah, kinda like recording Denise Austen every morning (back when we had extended cable) did not give me the same results as actually doing her crazy aerobics. : )

    Good luck with your Nordic Trak usage!

  3. Oh Karin, I wish you were my neighbor right now. Actually I think that often. But anyway, we are having J and K's bday party on Saturday and I'm not motivated or feeling any creativity to make a cake. Believe it or not, I usually make home-made bday cakes and decorate them myself. Well, not nearly as creatively or elaborately as you, but as best as I can do. But it is soooo not one of my talents and if you were my neighbor you could help me (just a bit).

  4. Oh, how I wish we were neighbors too!

    Believe it or not, sometimes I'm highly unmotivated to make cakes too. So I have to just put one foot in front of the other: bake cake mix, make (or buy) frosting, slap some frosting onto cake, add decorations as needed. See? Not so hard after all. : )

    Hope you -- and your special little people -- have a great Saturday!



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