Thursday, February 5

Dress from Shirt

My parents arrived this evening for a visit. Oma (German for grandma; grandpas are Opas) took Lucy away, supposedly to change her diaper, but when Lu came out, she was wearing a brand-new dress!

Well, brand-new to Lu. It's actually made out of one of my Opa's favorite shirts. Thanks, Mama! I love it!

Oooh, I just remembered... A few weeks ago, I couldn't bring myself to throw away one of Ken's shirts. It had a big rip in the sleeve, but it was one of my favorites of his. And now I know why I kept it.

P.S. Dee, did you notice the bits of white in the window in the top photo? Thanks for the lesson on Sunday -- you are the snowflake cutting queen!


  1. Awesome! I too have some of my man's shirts that are kind of special. Being that I don't sew or anything, perhaps I should bring them to you? To make a patchwork little bag or something maybe? :-)

    Nice snowflakes! Glad to be of service! You should take a closer-up ("closer-up"???) picture so we can really see what they look like.

  2. What a cute dress!! And your mom looks just like Joanie!! There is a lady on craftster that has a dress tutorial out of a mans shirt. Too cute. Wish I had a girl!!

  3. Yes, that is a great idea. My MIL made Carter a "boy doll" out of Grandpa's clothes. He loves it and so do I!

  4. Jenny - love the idea. Reminded me of the teddy bear my aunt made out of her dad's favorite "fur"-lined trench coat. What a great way to keep memories!

    Cindy - thanks for the heads-up about the craftster tutorial. And oh, yes, my mom and her sis look SO alike.

    Deelilah - sounds like a fun idea. Simple patchwork is essentially just sewing straight lines. So is bag-making... How about I show you how and YOU make a bag? We can find a couple days this summer, send all the kids to play outside...

  5. what a sweet dress!! love how it is made from her opa's favorite shirt! what a great idea.

    can't wait to see what you make from ken's shirt. :)



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