Saturday, February 14

In Honor of the Day...

Something I found in my files the other day (because I never throw anything away), dated 2-93...

Updated 2/15/2009!: Hmm, it was ten eleven! years ago today that I started dating the guy who is now my husband. Almost started the day before, but... Too bad, 'cause I'm much more of a "We started dating on Friday the 13th" kinda gal than a "We started dating on Valentine's Day" one. But all's well that ends well...

And four years ago today, I got one of the coolest V-day gifts ever: a Sophie. A girl who only wants to wear dresses, who is a pro at cutting things out and then taping them into crazy sculptures, who brings such joy into my life, and who I hope never gets lost in the shuffle from being neither the oldest girl nor the youngest. Happy birthday, my sweet middle-est!

Sophie - A Year In Review

(Ha ha, caught a typo; I'd written "who brings such job into my life..." Yeah, she does that too, with her dwindling list of what she will eat at dinner and her recent return into answering nearly request with a vehement "No." But despite the hard days, it's a job I wouldn't give up for the world! Besides, just when I was starting to despair at the horribleness of this seemingly endless "No" phase, she introduced a new response. Not all the time, but just enough to keep me sane: a cheery "Yes, ma'am!" that is too too cute!)


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Sophie! Very sweet. And Happy Valentine's Day! I love you bunches by dear friend!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Soph! She is so, so cute!!

    Happy Valentines Day, you guys! We hope you have a great day together! (BTW - I am totally impressed by your valentine sketch. You are one talented lassie!)

  3. Thanks, gals! I'm so glad I've gotten to know you, online and "off"!

    Dee - found one I drew for St Paddy's day too. So you'll see another one in a month. : )

  4. Happy birthday Sophie! I have a little girl who would LOVE to be your playmate, if we but lived a little closer. She, too, will only wear dresses, shouts NO and has to be tricked into finishing dinner. Odd, it is never that hard for lunch.

  5. Too funny, LiEr. For us, lunch is just as bad as dinner. Only breakfast is easy... as long as I'm serving Life and Cheerios.



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