Tuesday, February 3

Same Purse, New Colors...

I was recently "commissioned." Suzanne (the lovely friend who cleans my house) asked me to make two purses for birthday gifts. "M---- likes pink and purple; H----- likes her stuff to match M----'s." (They're twins.) So, no, the image below isn't some fancy editing of two photos merged into one; it's actually two purses, identical expect for the "m" and "h".

I hope they like the colors. I was going to drive over to the fabric store, but it was SO @#%$* COLD and I did already have this fun purple embroidered corduroy. (In a house with three young daughters, it goes without saying that I have pink fabric...) It took me nearly as long to decide what fabrics to use where--and which side of the flap each embellishment should go on--as it did to actually make the things! So, hopefully pink, purple and aqua is OK for these two princesses.

And finally having a pattern certainly speeded? sped? up the cutting process. As soon as I write down directions to go with it, I'll post it somehow. Or maybe a tutorial post would be easier. I didn't take any pictures along the way on these, but sounds like I'll be making another one soon** so I'll document my steps and post my first "tute" shortly.

**Ebby took the softies I made for her into work -- wait, I haven't even shown you Bob the Beaver; ooh, must rectify soon!!! 2/4/09: rectified here -- which her co-workers loved which led to looking at my blog which led to one of them wondering if she could "place an order" for this pink and orange purse, except with a 'e'. How fun. Now I just gotta figure out what to charge...


  1. Me first to comment! What are the odds of that happening, with the sort of crazy household I run/am at the mercy of? More cute purses! Very cool fabric combos. You do really nice things with aqua - like that earlier purse, too. I myself am appalled at how suddenly the pink in my stash has grown since the girls got old enough to be vocal about their palette preferences. Congrats on the commission! May there be more!

  2. A little extra income is great. Way to go!!

  3. thanks guys!

    now if only i could get in gear and make some cute little labels to slap on. there are so many tutorials out there on how, and i think i have all the stuff. just wish some little elves would come and do it for me...

  4. love the color combo!! very cute!

  5. I was apalled to know that you use "that" kind of @#%$* lnaguage!

  6. Thanks, Kerri. I like the way you've been pairing aqua with red too. Your baby quilts and shower decor were so lovely!

    Sorry, Mom. Won't happen again. I &*#%$@ promise!



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