Tuesday, December 16

Finished Purse, and 1/2" Bias Tape How-To Link

More happy sewing news in a moment, but first a word of advice: If the still small voice in your head whispers around 8:15 p.m. that you should go to bed, listen to it. And earlier in the evening, when you ask the mom of your middle child's preschool buddy how she's doing and she answers they've all had colds and then D---- (the preschool buddy) "had the gastroenteritis thing yesterday," don't stop to wonder how long your own family's streak of not being sick all winter will continue. Because at 12:17 a.m. it will end and you will wish you'd already gotten 4 hours of sleep instead of just 2 because it's going to be a long night...

And now the happy sewing news: Finished the purse for Keely yesterday, filled it with trinkets and goodies a 3-year-old might like, and got it sent off. Here it is, pink side out, k for Keely...
pink side of Keely's purse

...and aqua-side out; her nickname is Keelybean, hence the shape of the applique.
pink side of Keely's purse

It's pretty much like all the bags out there in Internet-land -- pouch, flap and strap. Except that instead of doing the extra step of sewing a "box seam" (or whatever it's called) in the bottom corners, I just fold them a certain way before sewing the side seams and it makes a quick little corner. It's not as tailored-looking as the box corners, but I think it suits these little bags just fine.
pink side of Keely's purse
Between these purses (and their 1/2" straps) and the aprons (and their 1/2" straps) I've been making, I'm really glad I found a shortcut for making 1/2" straps. A friend lent me her bias tape maker, but it wasn't working as slick as I would've liked, so I went online to see if I was missing something and found this instead, how to make your own "low-tech" bias-tape-maker for people who don't have a "real" bias-tape-maker. Very slick. And cheap. My kinda tip. Thanks, Autum!

P.S. Finished up Sera's Soft Toys too, including a Kangaroo, but didn't take the time to snap a photo of it before boxing it up and sending it off to it adorable recipient. Instead here's the kangaroo for Natalie...
Kangaroo in process Still needs a little work, eh? And now, I should probably go nap!


  1. ugh! The GI flu is wrong...just plain wrong!

    (cute crafts by the way) :-)

  2. I love the bag! My name starts with a "J" and they call me Jen Joe. I am not sure what you can do with that name??? :) Oh yeah...my favorite color is pink!

    The flu makes me want to force my family to be hermits for a few months. We run from kids that are coughing. I didn't even let our neightbor boy (who we love) inside our house the other day because of the sound of his cough. This is a NO SICK ZONE!

    I cringe at putting my kids in their Sunday School classes. I know that they are filled with GERMS. (I even spray our shopping carts down with Germ-X!!! Then...we wash our hands when we get into the van.) Did you know that the flu virus can live on a surface for several days??? I fight the flu bugs like we are in a war.

  3. Hello Karin! Those are really, really pretty bags! Love that aqua fabric especially. And also the makeover of the blog. AND the pyramid softies! Argh! I have to try them out sometime, although I don't think I'll be able to come up with cute and clever animals like you did. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such fab comments! I appreciate them - especially after being out of internet access for a whole day and then some, and I finally get to log in again and there you are! I hope you feel better soon. Getting sick anytime is vile, and sick in the winter is vile-er and sick just before Christmas is, well, plain stinky.

    I was born in Singapore too, to answer your question - grew up there and went to school there. How fun that you were born there as well - what are the odds, for a tiny dot on the map?

  4. Jen Joe - Are you putting in an order? : )

    LiEr - Thanks! I lucked out recently and found a bunch of cute fabric remnants for cheap. I'm trying to build up my stash a bit because I do WAY better just "shopping my house" when I want to make something rather than purposefully buying the supplies. Being in the fabric store can be overwhelming -- i think because there are just TOO many options. And I stink at making decisions!



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