Friday, December 12

Petite Pink Purses

Cindy (a friend-of-a-friend who makes fabulous purses; I added a link in my sidebar) recently commented on my request for tips about zigzagging around curves. I asked her because I'm right in the middle of making another Little Girl's Monogrammed Purse. And I'd like to "streamline" a little. We've been making these as gifts, "we" meaning the girls pick the fabrics -- limited to what's currently in my stash -- and I sew it up.

Here's one we made for our long-distance friend, Kate, a few months ago.

And another we made around that same time for nearer friend Haley.
purse and notebook, open and shut
Updated 12/15/08: this "changing picture" was created at

And this is as far as I got last night on the newest one, a Christmas gift for niece/cousin Keely. The girls finally decided to mix it up a little by using some aqua but also stuck with their tried and true favorite, the pink with flowers and butterflies. (It's almost gone! Whatever shall we do then?!?) I succeeded in steering them toward a solid pink flap. It'll be the same fabric as the straps...

Considering you end up with a reversible purse, they're really not that hard, just four pieces of fabric plus embellishments. If anyone ever wants more info, let me know. I'd be happy to write up/illustrate some directions but only if someone else will actually use them. : )


  1. I love Heidi's bag. I also really love how your picture changes. Is that just a 2 picture slide show or something? Great idea!

  2. Hi Karin,

    Thanks for the plug!!! Would you believe that the store that carries them sold 10 bags this weekend?

    Did my suggestion help?

  3. Kristi -- I created the changing photo using Easy peasy -- just upload the pictures you want to use, pick the finished size and speed for transitions (I used the slow/3 sec setting) and it's done. Then you can either link to it right there or save it to your computer...

    Cindy -- yes, thanks for the tips! I actually used fusible web to stick the letter to some felt, then the felt to the purse. So it was a nice thick sturdy thing to sew around. And congrats on all the bag sales. How fun!



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