Friday, December 19

Decisions, decisions...

I'm stuck. My mom and I started a quilt for my brother over Thanksgiving. One side will have large squares/triangles, i.e., 10" on each edge. So the images you see below would essentially be the entire quilt top, except they don't show the 15"-wide border of light green, tan and brown. And the whole quilt will be a square so the design can be either way on the bed, i.e. zigzags going from pillows to feet or from side to side...

The triangles are already all sewn into squares but then we decided we didn't like the design we were going to do. So then I started playing around with other designs. (Sidenote: when my mom delivered the sewn squares she made me promise I wouldn't spend "all" my time on this quilt. I went to the opposite extreme and have spent NO time on it, til today! Eek.)

So, do YOU have a preference? 'Cause I just keep going in circles! If you have specific comments about what you like/don't like about any of them, please leave those below. Otherwise you can also vote for your favorite(s) in the poll at right. In the meantime, I better work on the other side...

P.S. I'm not completely insane, i.e. i don't expect to have this done by Christmas. But I would love to be able to show him the top... In 6 days.


  1. I like the center diamonds 2 one because it's symmetrical. (it's the anal thing) :-) Diamonds 2 is symmetrical also, that would be my second choice. Remember though...he's a GUY - unless it's hot pink, he'll love it! They're not into details!

  2. Is Christmas really in 6 days? Argh! It was Thanksgiving just yesterday. The quilt is really lovely! I wish I knew enough about quilting to have an opinion on which to prefer. But I wanted to say again that your little softies (the pyramids) are so adorable. My favorites are the chick and shark. How big are they? They remind me of a game I used to play as a child called 5 Stones, and the "stones" were shaped like these, minus the cute details, of course, and filled with beans. They were small, though, like an inch and a half big only. Looking at your pictures brought back all those memories!

  3. Thanks for your thoughts on this. My mom likes the Center Diamonds 2 one best as well, so that's what we're going with. Now I better get crackin' on the other side...

    Lier -- thanks, the softies are about 4" (10 cm) tall. I made myself a little pattern - let me know if you'd like it. Judging by everything else you sew, you'd have no trouble with these! I didn't actually make the shark -- that was sent in by a reader to the blog-owner that I got this idea from. But I do like it too. I don't have any silver -- was wondering what he'd look like in light blue satin...

  4. I liked the Diamonds 2 also!



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