Monday, December 22

Unconventional Side Table

On my birthday, I took in a free – and very large – hibiscus tree. It was a little spindly and bare (what little leaves it had fell off after the “stress” of the trip to my house) but nothing a little time and TLC won’t fix.

See, it’s already getting loads of new baby leaves.

Plus, it looks like it’s gearing up for a number of blooms. There are at least a dozen buds in various stages, and more emerging everyday!

In the meantime, we’ve added some color by nesting Sophie’s cardinal in there, folded months ago while older sis was at Kindergarten. (I was wondering what happened to the fourth egg, but actually I’m more astonished that the rest of it has survived this long.)

But, aside from its current non-beautiful sparseness and legginess (I can’t prune it anymore til it gets more leaves!) here’s the problem: that’s a BIG surface area of dirt. Also know as Lucy’s personal indoor sandbox.

Black dirt on white carpet. Not good. After cleaning that up about 3 times a day for the last few days, I've had enough. And a simple towel draped over the surface is unfortunately NOT enough to deter her.

Besides, how can I attempt to keep my living room tidied up when I have that bit of plastic ‘n’ brick ‘n’ ripped cardboard box ugliness sharing the space?

Since neither my woodworking skills nor my time allow for a nice wooden “end table/plant cover-up,” I went to the next best thing, a combination of:
tape (and knife skills)

and cardboard (sidenote: note the box? Our playroom is getting organized too these days)

and some fabric from the stash.

A little unconventional, to have a tree growing up out of the middle of one's side table, but I figure it's better than it was before. Let’s see Desctructo-Girl get to the dirt now.

P.S. Got all the squares for the back of the quilt cut out this morning. So now it's time to start sewing...


  1. How are you going to water it? I love that plant! If it doesn't work out at your will work at my home!! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment on my MADE blog. I love finding new reader's blogs too!

    as for the labels on my clothing, they were made through a company called:

    They were very easy to work with and the labels turned out just as I had hoped. The smallest quantity you can order is 250 but if you are a crafter, you'd be surprised how many of these you will end up using!

    My sister created the label and logo (the little face) in an Adobe program. We then emailed it to the label making company with the particular Pantone color codes (you can look those up online).

    I had two labels made: one with my company name (joon bug) and logo and then another small label with just the logo face. I noticed that on cute clothes from Babystyle and Old Navy (the little label in the side) and decided I wanted to do that too!

    Labels4u was great and they shipped the labels to me the next week! I love having labels to sew into stuff. Definitely gives it more personal flair.
    I highly recommend the investment!



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