Monday, December 15

Some Softies For Babies...

Preface: Jen and Jenna, if you don't want to see what your daughters are getting for Christmas, avert thine eyes.

Mom and I are working on a quilt for my brother Al for Christmas. A king-sized quilt. For Christmas. Think it'll get done? Hmm, well there's always his birthday in July... Anyway, in the planning stages, when I was browsing for images of "wonky" quilts (to help describe the term to my mom), I found this quilt by Wendi Gratz...

which led me to her website, where I found some adorable little softies she'd made. How sweet are they! She wanted to "stick to simple shapes and let the colors and one embellishment suggest the type of animal."
Can you see what they each are? (Hints: think Mesozoic era, north pole, down under, and super soft & fluffy)

For those who want to try this and need directions, she has a pdf pattern for sale here. Since I'm comfortable doing this sort of thing, I didn't order the pattern, but judging by the tutorials, etc. on her site, I would guess it's very well done, informative, and clear!

So here's what I've made so far...

Lumpy the Elephant (named after the state of his trunk; sounded better than "Crinkly" after the sound his ears)

Squeakers the Chick (named after what happens when you squeeze her tush)

and Bo Jangles the Penguin (because ever since that silly silly movie, penguins can TAP! plus he jingles when you shake him)
The fabric next to him is what I used for his tush-side. So cute. Leftover from my mom's stash from when I was a kid!

Have any ideas for more animals? I'm not sure how many I'll do in all, but at least a few more. Besides, it's an interesting mental challenge: how to capture the idea or essence of an animal in just a few details... I think that's why the elephant is my least favorite of the bunch -- with ears AND a big trunk, he's too complicated or elaborate for the set. Here's pictures of another animal that a reader sent in to Wendi, Bruce the Shark. He's got more than just one embellishments too, but still cute cute cute:


  1. Hi Mo -- I thought for sure you'd mention the ideas you had at my house after seeing the chick:

    Squirrel - with bushy tail
    Robin - like the chick only with a red breast
    Dalmation, Tiger, Leopard - just use fabric with the right pattern.

    I'm working on the squirrel idea next...

  2. feeling inferior *sigh*. :-) They're adorable, Karin! I'm guessing this was the electrical wire project?? :-)

  3. Yup, Delilah, specifically the 'electrical wire project' is the squirrel's tail. I'm afraid regular craft wire would snap in two if repeatedly bent back and forth by the babes older brothers...

    P.S. I'll try to post a pic of the state of my house again soon to help squash any and all feelings of inferiority. : ) Just trying to "maintain" the cleared off counter and table -- that alone is kicking my tush!

  4. My mom was a very "crafty" lady too. Her house was always a mess...especially around Christmas time. There were always many gifts to be finished. So, there are times when a messy house is a good thing!

    What a cute baby gift! It's late and I cannot think of any ideas.



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