Sunday, December 14

Red Velvet Balls & Oma’s Kuchen

Went to a Christmas party last weekend. Ate Red Velvet Balls for the first time. Made by someone else. They were delicious. So another Christmas party this weekend. Figured I’d make some myself, to bring. I learned something – covering stuff in chocolate is a lot harder than I thought. I remember Jenny’s being so pretty: perfect spheres, smooth chocolate, small sliver of red showing through. Mine: not so much. Lumps of all different sizes. (Sophie helped shape them, so I don't mind that part, Mommy and Me time and all.) The chocolate coating... half of it was sliding off the balls and pooling in vast lakes underneath them as they set. The other half was anything but smooth, especially after I ran out of the Baker's Chocolate and added heaping handfuls of chocolate chips to the pan. And for the life of me, I couldn't get a nice sliver of red peaking through -- it was either half the ball, or nothing at all.

But it's amazing what a drizzle of white chocolate and a fancy-looking accessory can do. And they did taste good!

Also, made Oma's Kuchen. That'd be "Grandma's Cake" in English. It's the cake my German grandma always made for us. I don't get to eat it very often anymore -- it uses an ingredient; quark--that isn't available here in the States. But my mom figured out an acceptable substitute: cottage cheese blended to get rid of all the lumps. I love the texture, a crumbly cake base with a cheesecake-y top. And I love the sweet-tart combination of raspberries and sugar. But most of all, whenever I eat it, I love the memories!


  1. The red velvet balls tasted SOOOOO good! :-) Good job, Karin! (I forgot to taste some of Oma's Kuchen -- bummer!

  2. LOL, Karin I LOVE the photos. Keep trying and they'll look better. :)

  3. Karin---your chocolates are beautiful--so pretty with the white drizzle!

    I've never dipped red velvet cake/cream cheese balls, but they sound absolutely delicious.

    Dipping hints: I use a toothpick to dip my cherries. You will find that the dipping process goes smoothly IF the melted chocolate is good. I find that dipping chocolate works better than chocolate chips. If you use chips, you have to add shortening to it to make it smoother. Some people use paraffin wax, but that thought is not appealing to me.

    I prefer Ghirardelli's candy dipping chocolate over anything else I've tried. I usually get it from Sam's Club, but this year they did not have it. :(

    Thanks for the comment on Sew Chic.



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