Wednesday, December 17

Another Recycled Robot

Yippee, Sophie is pretty much back to her healthy self. Now the older sister has "it." But at least "it" didn't start in the middle of the night like yesterday.

So it's Wednesday, which means it's Trash Day tomorrow, which means our recycling bin in our kitchen is overflowing. (We eat way too much cereal and drink way too much juice in this house!) Well, ever since that day last May when Heidi and Sophie made this little friend (with some taping/assembly help from Mom)...

whenever the recycling bin in the kitchen is overflowing, one of them -- usually Sophie -- asks if she can make a robot. Today was no exception. Plus, Lucy was asleep and Heidi was "languishing" in front of the TV; apparently, Sophie needed a companion. Here are a few "in process" shots...
In the photo below, she's just finished saying "Mo-om, stop taking pictures. Wait til she's done!" I tried to comply.
I had to help on a few things, like cutting out the circles for the "arms" to go in. But it was fun to see how serious Sophie was about her "work."

Finally her new companion was done.

She carried her pal around for a while, danced to some Christmas tunes, ran races, etc., then asked for my help carrying her downstairs so they could watch "Martha Speaks" with Heidi.

Called for my help again later on. "Mama, can you put Sally in the other chair so we can do"
Sally even inspired Heidi to get up off the sofa for a while so she could run the robot around a little too. I wonder what the Sunshine Sanitation guy would say tomorrow morning if he found her on the curb. (I'm thinking less "Oh, isn't that precious?", more "Grr, can't these people sort their trash?!?")

And my thought for the day:
Oh, that I could accept my accidents and mistakes as easily as Sophie does hers...
based on the following incident:
At the start of the process, Sally (actually, only her head so far) was up on the counter where I'd been helping Sophie tape the "wire" to the "eye," whatever that meant. As she was climbing off the stool, she started to say, "And now I have to...", then accidentally knocked the robot off the counter, but without skipping a beat continued "...drop the robot on the floor" in a very matter-of-fact voice, like she was reading it off her to do list.

So, if you have kids who are getting a little stir-crazy, why don't you throw this idea at them, along with assorted boxes, containers, tubes, caps, string, and whatever other junk is laying around.** Oh, and don't forget: loads and loads of tape. : )

**For those of you who don't HAVE junk laying around your house, you can come get some of mine. See, I'm so generous!


  1. I was wondering where to get some good old junk these days. :) Now, I know.

    They are cute and my kids would love doing suff like that. The problem Sunshine bin is sitting covered in snow! :(

  2. Karin - I think you're the most creative, fun Mom that God ever made! I love the trash robot!

  3. J -- oh yes, I have plenty. Which makes it so much easier to do projects, because I can just "shop at the house" for anything I might need.

    D -- *blush* Thanks. (But you haven't met my mom! She taught me everything I know!)

  4. Wow ! Cette petite fille est extraordinaire. Ce robot est génial.

  5. DcommeDom - merci beaucoup pour la visite et... comment dit-on "comment"... la commentaire?



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