Thursday, December 18

Bouncy & Boo, and Chestnut too

More baby softies done. I named the first few. Now the girls wanted a turn. Meet "Chestnut" the Squirrel:

And "Bouncy" the Kangaroo, with her little joey, "Boo", shown with the whole gang, minus Lumpy who's already been shipped out:

I learned something about fleece last night - direction matters! My first attempt at a tail didn't work so well because I just cut rectangles out of the scraps of various reddish colors I had, sewed them all together down the middle, and then started cutting fringe.

By accident, I pulled on the first little fringe and it stretched and then curled up all cute. Sweet. So I fluffed up that whole first color. Moved on to the next color, pulled, pulled some more. Nothing! Some fringe curled up, some stayed straight. Aargh! I was determined to make the best of it, just accept it and use it. But then I put the tail next to the little red pyramid. Oh my. The tail was about 4x as big!!!

So, armed with my new knowledge of stretchable directionness of fleece, I cut new, SMALLER rectangles, going the right direction on the fleece, and got a happy fluffy-tailed squirrel! (Or, Delilah, here's your first lesson: eichhörnchen in German. Say that three times fast. Or even one time. Slowly.)

P.S. Mo had more ideas today on the phone. "How about a skunk?" And then when I mentioned wanting to make something that crinkles but not wanting to make another elephant (too complicated), she suggested a beaver. Wouldn't THAT be cute, a flat little tail in back and then two little buck teeth in front! I thought I was done, four was enough, but this... not sure I can pass it up!


  1. Samson and DelilahFriday, December 19, 2008

    The animals are really cute - a beaver would be fun! :-) Talk about your mouthful of a German word! That one's a tongue-twister!

  2. McC -- no busier than the rest of you! : ) And, by the way, don't ask my husband what we've been eating for dinner this past week... more like "brinner."

    Del -- yeah, quite the mouthful, unlike ball (Ball) or car (Auto). : ) We taught it to Heidi when she was just learning to speak - hilarious!



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