Wednesday, January 21

"Pirensess" Purse

12/8/09: Pattern pieces with basic instructions are here (US Letter) and here (A4).

Heidi had a birthday party to go to this weekend so it was time to sew up another reversible purse. She picked out the fabrics again -- solid pink for one side and a vibrant pink design for the other. (Picking out fabrics is much easier to do since the cleanup since everything is visible--and guess what? it's been a week and I've used stuff from it and yet it still looks the same! but so does the other side of the room, the messy side!) Loved the unexpected orange she picked out for the flap and straps! Here's Sophie modeling it with the monogram side out.

I drew the 'm'; probably should've asked Heidi to do that -- amazingly, she's been drawing "bubble letters" since age 4 -- but I'm not quite there yet in the giving-up-control department. It was hard enough for me to let her cut it out, once we'd fused it to some felt (for stiffness and thickness). But she did a great job. I need to remember that for all the next times... Then we fused it to the flap and I zigzagged around the edges to make sure it stays put.

When I asked Heidi what we should put on the "other" side, she said it should be a princess purse. So I ask her to design the crown, and let her cut that out too. (I added the diamond and topstitching though -- it needed just a little more than the bobbles on top, I thought.)

Not sure why the fabric looks so purple in the pictures above. Below is a better representation of the colors. And I love the card Heidi made to go with it...

And what I see the birthday girl clutching tightly in her arms when I picked Heidi up from the party? ...a Webkinz kitty. :)

Speaking of crowns, here are a few more pictures from a year ago... The girls and I made some simple cardstock crowns to help celebrate Fasching (also called Karneval, a big celebration right before the Lenten season begins. Germans don't really celebrate Halloween, but the kids do get to dress up in costumes for Fasching.)

The girls wore them everywhere for a few days, including to the grocery store (where they hardly attracted any stares since it was Fasching after all) and also on our trip to the train station to pick up Daddy, who we hadn't seen in 3 weeks! They also kept adding to them -- coloring them, gluing on "jewels," and more. They soon became too heavy and cumbersome to actually wear! : )


  1. I want one, I want one!! Can you please pass the pattern on to me. I would love to make some of these.

  2. What in the world is a "Webkinz Kitty"???

  3. I would ask for a pattern...but it would never get sewn! :-) Our daughter still loves the purse that you made for her -- no one else is allowed to use the coloring supplies in it!

  4. Cute! Cute! Cute! I'll take a pattern, but I can't imagine when I'll have the time to work on it. My sister might like to make a purse for Olivia, though, so send one my way!

  5. OK, who doesn't know what a Webkinz is? :) I just wrapped a stuffed Dog up today for a girl in Hannah's class. (I had one left from my Christmas shopping.) Yikes, that's ALL Hannah and Carter want for their birthday next month is a new WEBKINZ!!

  6. what a lovely birthday clutch!! what a great idea! my girls would love it too!!

  7. amazingly, Heidi hasn't talked about wanting a webkinz yet -- we'll see how long that lasts. (Mom, webkinz are little stuffed animals that come with a code that you type into a website and then you can create a virtual world for them... or something like that)

    i'll get a pattern posted soon for those who were interested...

  8. thanks for all your kind comments as well on my blog!! it keeps me wanting to keep quilting!! i'm working on another project this week! :)

    i haven't heard of the webkinz yet either. my girls are 7 and 8. i'm sure they'll be talking about it soon! :)

  9. Slow to do any typing on the computer this week but had to come back here and say I love those purses - this one and the earlier one with the "K" on it. Can't wait for the pattern so I can try that cute corner you showed. Clever! I can't visualize how it's done! You did some really pretty work with the quilting on the applique - love!

  10. LiEr-- for the corners: you fold a rectangle in half, right sides together. Then you push the fold in... ummm, I thought I could explain it here but it's a lot easier with a picture!!! : )

    I'm making two of these purses for a friend this weekend. I'll finish the pattern before then -- so I can take advantage of it myself -- and then post it on the blog too.

  11. Hello Karin
    I just been jumping from blog to blog and found this adorable little bag.
    I was just wondering, is it possible to share the pattern?
    Greetings from South Africa

  12. I've posted the pattern pieces with very basic instructions to my files: USLetter size and A4 size.



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