Friday, January 2

Guestbook Tablecloth?

I can't remember the last time I really made, much less wrote down, "resolutions" at the turn of the year. But recently I've been thinking about this upcoming year and what I'd love for it to hold. "Themes" for my year, if you will. Like "friends," as in having them over more. Or, of course, "craftiness." Or "getting stuff done" (especially as it relates to the junk in my house).

Last night, I managed to roll all three of those into one. We had some dear friends over (my first "theme") for raclette... (Thanks for the raclette grill, Mom and Dad!)

And after the meal, I asked everyone to sign the tablecloth, which will now act as a "guestbook" of sorts. (Getting people to write on a tablecloth was surprisingly hard, especially after I told them it was originally my grandmother's. I finally had to be the first, show them I meant it!) But after repeated washings, the ink will eventually fade away. So I'm going to embroider them. (enter "theme" number 2)

I got this idea from a Family Fun article which I can't find anymore, but ever since I read it, I wanted to implement it. Last January when I was over with my mom going through some of my Oma and Opa's stuff, I found one of my Oma's tablecloths. Lovely, except it had a large stain... which wouldn't be as noticeable if the cloth were covered in names, dates, and other embroidered doodles, right? So finally a year later, I've implemented the idea. (sorta falls into theme #3, doing it instead of just thinking about it) And the first name was embroidered this afternoon, while I was taking a break from preparing to have more friends over.

The Man maybe still thinks I'm crazy (he utterly "squelched" the idea when I first told him about it yesterday and still wasn't very impressed today when he saw the first "finished" name) but I am in love. Oh, the memories this cloth will hold!!! (Now I just need to make a little bag to hold it and the supplies, so it's easy to grab when I'm going to be sitting at gymnastics practices, waiting at the dentist's, etc.)


  1. Karin, that's a beautiful idea. We have people sign under our dining table. I also have a sheet that people signed at our wedding. My MIL is making a wall hanging for me. I think I might suggest embroidering the writing if it's not too late. We also are going to start regular neighborhood game nights too. Do you think that a 6 year-old can embroider? I'd love to have Hannah make a few "humble" works of art for my decor.

  2. Under your dining table, as in crawl underneath and sign the bottom side of the tabletop? How fun. (In our house, that's where my kids get to stick their stickers, just like I got to do to my mom's table when I was younger.)

    As for kids embroidering, depends on the kid. I think if someone showed her and she had some of the important supplies, she could certainly do it. I'm pretty sure I was doing things at that age with my mom's guidance...

  3. I am SURE I was embroidering by the time I was that age. And seeing a wall hanging that K made on burlap by embroidering with yarn when she was in FIRST grade, kids who are inclined toward handicrafts can start learning to embroider. Have fun!! (I still have some of the first dishtowels I embroidered but by the time I did that I was about 10.)-K's mom

  4. What a gorgeous idea... I may just have to steal this one day when I get my own place and have dinner parties!

  5. Hi Mom- it was fun to see that wall-hanging at Christmas. Congrats on being able to leave a message...

    Tara, thanks for the kudos, though I can hardly take credit for the idea since I read it in a mag. : )



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