Friday, January 30

Before & After: My Living Room...

I love rearranging furniture. And who doesn't love "before & after" pictures? (Million thanks, Suz, for opening my eyes; a piano CAN be moved!!!)

Before -- nice seating area, faced the windows. But see that tiny opening between the chair and the "end table"? It was the only way in...
After: aaaah...

Here's another perspective, which shows the convoluted path from front door to tiny entry point! Before:

After: Yay, now you can walk right in... sit right down...

I forgot to take a real "before" shot, but this is essentially what you saw as you climbed the stairs. Nothing but drawers. And whatever small toy was currently lost under that big piece o' wood -- there was always at least one! "Before":

After: nice and open! (just disregard the carpet wrinkle...)

And the whole experience was made even more fun for me because just a few days earlier, I'd come across the room grids I'd made when we moved in. So Suz and I batted ideas around on paper a little before we started hefting the actual furniture.

Suz gave me a bit of a hard time about these little slips of blue on a sea of squared white. Tell me I'm not the only one who does this. (Well, other than you, Mom.) It's not like I took aerial pictures of each piece furniture and then cut those wee pictures out. Or made small scale models of all the furniture so I could move them around in 3D. Oh wait, I did do that... Got a little carried away planning the nursery 6 years ago...

What can I say... it was pre-kids? And I like cardboard? And wee stuff? And the lights don't actually work? : ) Really, it all started because, for once, I painted a test piece on posterboard to see the actual wall color. And then things just kept going from there... (Yes, I realize I'm slightly insane. But at least I can admit it...)


  1. Hoo! Yes, the 3-D nursery is a little overboard, but I will admit that I did the cut-outs on graph paper when we moved into our house. Because of my baby-grand piano, there's basically only ONE way that all our furniture can fit together well. It was important that we figure out what that ONE way was before we started hefting! :-) I love the family room arrangment -- very open, homey and "conversational" looking.

  2. I have moved our OLD upright piano (family treasure from NY) many times on my own. This last got stuck and I had to wait for Mark to get home. :)

    I have also moved furniture (because I couldn't wait for help) and put holes in our walls. So, I have my neighbor, John, on speed dial!! He repairs all my mistakes!

  3. I love your living room arrangement, Karin! The first thing I noticed is that it makes it easy to visit with people and without having to sit sideways--more natural.

  4. Oh Karin, I just had to chuckle at your models and furniture plans. Of course this is NOT something I would ever consider doing (especially the nursery plan), but I did marry one who would and I've appreciated it. I mean who ever has time or more importantly patience or creativity to do something like that!! NOT ME! I think the new living room layout looks great. I've been thinking...we need to make a trip down to visit you and your girlies. Love, K

  5. Wow, much better! And I appreciate the crazy OCD of the model! jk

  6. OH MY WORD! That little mini-nursery is HILARIOUS!!! Can you come over to my house and help me out? We have no idea where we're going to put baby #2. It's inspired lots and lots of discussion but no good answer yet besides in the dresser drawer? or possibly closet? Hee hee.

    I love your "new" living room. It looks fab!

  7. your living room looks great!! i like how it opened it up so much.

    i think you griding it all out was very smart. and your nursery model is just so fun!! love it!

  8. Karin,

    Your room looks lovely. Very fresh. You are right everyone loves before and after shots.

    And just think you did not have to actually move the furniture a hundred times.......just the blue pieces of paper. Very smart.


  9. thanks for the notes, everyone. and after exposing a piece of my craziness, it was nice not to be laughed out of town.

    K-yes, do please come visit again soon!!!

    Rae- I spent my first months sleeping in my parents closet. And that's where my youngest still sleeps when we visit my parents. (Different house, different closet.) Good luck with making the space. And congrats on Baby #2 on the way!

    Oh, and Jenny, too funny. I so can relate with the not wanting to wait for help. I usually move everything by myself too. But I must say, it was SO much easier and faster with a friend.

  10. So that's how you started out with your cardboard creations! I love the nursery model! And I love that you're keeping it. If I made anything like that, the eldest would commandeer it and put dolls in it and it wouldn't be MINE anymore. Your made-over living room looks great - I must acquire the services of Suzanne sometime soon, except I wouldn't cook for her. Maybe if I cleaned HER house in exchange?

  11. Yeah, LiEr, I dislike cleaning, but don't mind as much if I'm cleaning someone else's house. Wonder why that is...

  12. I can't believe you STILL HAVE the model of the nursery! And I am still waiting for you to come clean MY house--it isn't yours anymore so it SHOULD count! I agree--I hate cleaning my own house but am happy to help when I am here.

  13. To be clear, the photo of the nursery model was taken 6 years ago. It's not like I have the thing currently displayed on my coffee table. : ) ...But I think I do still have it somewhere, in our crawlspace perhaps.



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