Saturday, January 3

Adding to the Stash...

Stopped at a local fabric store yesterday to pick up an embroidery hoop (for the tablecloth) and browse for more fabric too. When the overworked cashier rang me up, the total was lower than I'd expected. Didn't realize til I checked over the receipt at home that she didn't charge me for half of the fabrics! When I called back to fix the situation, I think they decided it was too much of a hassle to figure out what I owed them. So here are the newest additions, mostly 100% cottons, half of which were free. Lucky me.
10+ years ago when I worked at JoAnn's, I would sometimes wonder at the women who would come in regularly and buy random lengths of various fabrics. I heard the term stash bandied about, but really didn't understand the concept back then. Buying fabric for no clear purpose seemed frivolous, wasteful, packrat-ish. But I was probably just projecting myself onto them, assuming that they didn't actually use any of the fabric they bought, since I more often than not didn't; just planned and dreamed and bought supplies... and then let them languish. So who was the frivolous packrat really?!? I'm getting better about using and doing...

And now I don't mind admitting I've joined the ranks of Fabric Stasher. Case in point: I bought 5 yards of this fun red-flowered gauze and a yard or so of this super slippery red-on-red. And I'm not totally sure what they'll become. Maybe a skirt out of the gauze? (Really, the question is would I have enough moxie to wear it...)

So now I have a Stash of my own, some of which is visible below, small compared to some but adequate for now. (Needs a little more organizination, eh? After the whirlwind Christmas gift sewing, only a few of the fabrics are still nicely folded. This fall, I'd followed this advice of wrapping around my 6"x24" ruler; would love to wrap them around comic book boards, as seen here and here, because could then stand them upright like books instead of stacking them, but would cost $, so we'll see.)
Now that I'm sewing so much more, I do love my Stash. A luxury, I admit, but such a fun and helpful one. I love being able to have an idea and then just get started, without having to pack everyone up and head out to purchase. And, probably best of all, for a person who sometimes has trouble making decisions, having the limited selection of my stash is way better than being overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices in a store. Besides, it works well with my absentmindedness and I'm often surprised at the "gems" I end up with.

Example: One evening, I was thinking ahead to a friend's visit the next day (the one who loves to clean) when I realized we'd be hanging out ON HER BIRTHDAY! And me with nothing to give her! How did I miss that til just then?!? Figured I could whip up an apron. Found the "perfect" fabrics: a heavyweight, sedate, feminine floral for the main part (just like Suz seems when you first meet her. Um, feminine and sedate, not heavyweight!) and then some hot pink and leopard print for the trim (adding the sizzle and spunk that is Suz when you get to know her!). Hooray for Stash fabrics.

Here are two more fabrics I threw in my cart yesterday, then decided to "think on it" a day or two. With sale and coupon, they're "only" $1.35/yard. And they're 54" wide. But they're 97% polyester/3% spandex. Not sure what I would use them for. I mean, I'm not sure yet what any of my stash will become, but at least I'm at home and comfortable with 100% cotton. This heavier, stretchier stuff? Scares me just a little. But I do so love the colors and patterns! And I still have some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket... Hmm, what to do, what to do.

Oh, and nearly forgot about the other addition to The Stash yesterday, from someone on Freecycle. Made me think of your girls, Jenny; did they ever get their tutus? (As is, I think I only have enough tulle to make doll tutus, but if they're still tutu-less and don't mind some white mixed in, I could make it work...)


  1. Karin, what kind of a machine do you have? I think mine is from the 1950s. :)

    Hhhmmm, I will say that our girls will FOREVER be wearing and using ANY dress-up items. EVERY morning before they even eat breakfast.....they ask, "Can we put a dress on?" So, thier closets are always open to new items but they also will survive without new items.

  2. You should definitely make (and wear!) a skirt out of that flowered material -- super cute! I love fabric. I don't sew...or the purchase would be completely superfluous in my case, but I'd love to come over and just feel all your fabric sometime! :-)

  3. You worked at JoAnn? Really? To be around all that fabric that you measured and cut for Other People must have been cruel at times. I love that red-on-red one in your stash. Gorgeous! Anyway I really stopped by to tell you

    YOU WON the giveaway!

    Quick, email me your mailing add! I shall endeavor to send your prize pronto! Congrats!

  4. McC, I'm a few decades away, mine's a hand-me-down from my mom's mom, but it must have been one she'd purchased later in her life; I'm guessing it's from the late 1970s, early 80s. But nothing wrong with those 50s machines! My mom sews on one. In fact, assuming they've been maintained well enough, with their metal parts, etc, they often do better than some of the "modern" plastic cheapy ones.

    Dee, come on over and feel away, any time you want! I'll let you know when I have the stash a LITTLE more organized so you feel more at home. : ) Ooh, I do have some very soft and silky ones you would love. And who can resist crisp, smooth cotton?!?

    LiEr - working at JoAnn's, my procrastination bent came in very handy. I used "I'll buy it tomorrow" or "I'll buy it when it's on sale again" to keep my money in my pocket! But when they had "employee appreciation day" at insane% off, oooh watch out!



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