Tuesday, January 13

Put Away and Give-Away

Remember the picture from last week of (one of) my crafty area(s)?

I actually took that mid-December but it hasn't looked any better since then. Til today.

Check. It. Out. Did it in bits and pieces over the last three days.

I'm so proud. Because for a change, I didn't just shove things from one pile into a nicer-looking pile--or into a box somewhere else. There's actually a plan. Not that said plan won't easily be buried beneath layers of future projects. But hopefully, I can cycle back to this plan--and its calm-inducing orderliness--on a regular basis. Ask me in a month or two. But here's the plan...

Other fun news. Recently, I won my first ever "bloggy giveaway" and my winnings arrived in the mail yesterday. In honor of the approaching Chinese New Year, a pair of scrumptious desserts (of the truly no-calorie variety), from a hugely talented crafter, Lorraine! (Yes, I took the picture with my laptop screen showing my winning number that was picked. Yes, I'm a dork.)
The delicacy on the left is a "pineapple tart," a traditional Asian dessert around CNY. I can't believe how perfectly Lorraine replicated them in felt and fleece. Here's what they look like in edible form (image found at KitchenSnippets blog, full of scrumptious-sounding recipes!).

And I assume the delicacy above on the right needs no introduction, though I do love that she called it a "Prosperity Donut", again in honor of CNY. Here's some more of the donuts she made last year. (If you want to feel amazingly inferior be amazingly impressed, check out the Donut-Shop-On-The-Go she made for her girls, complete with hats, bags, tongs, trays and more. And she makes cardboard... stuff. My kinda' gal!)

Hmm, I think I'm hungry...

P.S. Maybe I should have a give-away one of these days. Just have to find/pick/make something to give away...


  1. Way to go on the organization!! And I don't need any help feeling inferior, so...I think I'll skip the website! :-) Those doughnuts look super yummy though. Come to think of it, I don't need any help collecting extra calories either, so...I think I'll skip those too! :-)

  2. I would sign up for one of your give aways. I don't care what it is. You make the cutest stuff.

  3. Yikes, I cannot even remember the last time I ate a doughnut. Although, when I was really sick with my liver, I ate an entire bag of candy bars. Well, I actually ate 2 bags! (Don't tell Mark!)Hey, I am not proud. :) Those two bags are still sticking to my butt. Bummer!

  4. I am ashamed. My sewing table is deplorable. It will NEVER come anywhere close to being organized, let alone being documentably-organized. I have a large closet in which I hide everything, so I can stuff it and slam the door and pretend to be neat. But am so inspired by what you did to your space- I love the mending basket idea! Where does your sewing machine hide?

    Thank you for the pictures! Especially of the tarts. The real ones, I mean. Isn't it funny -? I come to your blog to get my fix of "home" - first the hibiscus and now this. What a treat!

  5. Hi Karin,

    Guess what? I was just given the Lemonade Award and in turn I am giving it to you. Thanks for taking the time to share your life and wonderful projects with us out here in blog land!!!!


  6. Karin,

    I'm very proud of you for organizing your craft/sewing area--awesome job! It looks fabulous! Very cool labeling on the picture, too.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone.

    LiEr -- my sewing machine is on the other side of the room, on another desk. Which is not anywhere close to tidy. Neither is the "temporary" table that I set up about 4 months ago "for a week or so." I took pictures of these two areas too but decided not to post them. : )

  8. your desk looks great!! i just orginazed my sewing room after finishing the quilts and decor for the shower! it is sure nice to start fresh when starting a new project! :)

    the donuts look yummy too!!

  9. Kerri, i totally agree about the fresh start when jumping into a new project. guess that means i REALLY should get the other side of the room cleaned up now!

    p.s. the quilts and decor on your blog are super. can't wait to see your next stuff...



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