Thursday, February 12

Ironing Board Cover... and update on Al's Quilt

I took the opportunity, while my parents were in town, to finally finish my mom's Christmas present. I could easily go on and on about the whys, hows and wherefores (and the why-it-wasn't-dones) but instead I'll just show the before and after...

Her board is shorter than my board, which is why the "after" looks too short. My board is modeling. I really should give it a new cover too -- it's so stained and starch-filled. Yech. But guess it's like the cobbler's kids who are always barefoot...

Speaking of belated Christmas gifts, I know I said I wouldn't post about Al's quilt again til it's done, but Mom and I got so much more done while she was here, I can't help myself.

The squares side (after I ripped out the stitches where I inadvertently caught up part of the edge while I was quilting the middle. aargh!):

And the triangles side (before I ripped out the extra stitches that made it "feel like a potholder" according to my mom; if you look at the orange diamond, you can see them: the top left part has three squares quilted into it, the bottom left has six in the picture, but has only three now in real life):

And we got a good start on the border too, for the triangles side...

I'm thinking it will be done well before his summer birthday! : )


  1. Well, Carter's wonderful Gramma will be quilting two twin size quilts for his beds that look like Al's square side! :) Thanks for the idea.

  2. Looks fantastic, Karin! Keep up the good work! :-)

  3. Glad to see the update--especially since I am referring friends to it!!

  4. I am just so in awe, Karin, that you're working on this wonderful, massively-painstaking, patience-testing project and it's looking so lovely. I couldn't do anything close to this, not the least because all the seams would never meet and I'd be constantly unpicking and swearing and well, it would be so hideous at the end, if I even got to the end. So I am so excited to see how yours will turn out- take lots of photos!

  5. Jenny - so glad I could inspire you!

    Dee - keep up the encouragement. The sooner I finish this one, the sooner I can get started on your (much smaller!) quilt. : )

    Omi - it was so nice to sew with you!

    LiEr - who says I'm not constantly unpicking and swearing? : ) I must say, it's getting easier now that I see a light at the end of hte tunnel...



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