Monday, February 23

Before & After IKEA Hack: Kids' Cubbies and Coat Hooks

Here's what I did Saturday morning while Ken was away and the girls were listening to a story: finally upgraded the girls' coat hook shelf in the entry hall from my "quick fix" last May to a pretty yet simple "IKEA hack" (see more at the ikeahacker blog) using only what I already had. "Shop the house" -- my usual mode of redecorating. 'Cause it's so cheap and instant.

1) Took down a DVD shelf in the Family Room that was too small to hold all the DVDs and put the DVDs into some small zippered cases instead, kids' in the big one, parents' in the small one, and an extra one to "grow into" as needed.

2) Took down my measly little 4"-wide homemade-in-an-afternoon shelf, stripped off the hooks, screwed some holes into the DVD shelf, attached the hooks to it, hung up the shelf, and added in the accessories too.

Here are some "static" Before & After photos of the shelf. I love that it's now essentially a smaller version of the cubbies/shelf/coathook thing that Ken and I use, which is also from IKEA, also in the "Leksvik" family.

By the way, my old way of doing animated photos wasn't working reliably, so I'm using photobucket slideshows. Do you like them? They seem a little slow... Would you rather see plain photos that don't change?


  1. it looks great, and i love the slideshow!!

    thanks for your nice email! :) i thought it was funny too.

    make sure to leave another comment since you are a follower, then your entered in again. if not it only enters in you once on

  2. Hello there, drill-wielding all-round talented person, you! Very nice "after"s - I mean, not that your "before" setup was hideous or anything, jut that you did some nice, classy things with the Leksviks. I wis our entryway was big enough for the typical benches. It's a bizarre octagonal shape and anything longer than 24" and wider than 10" will crowd the stair bottom. Grrr. So we've been using a (gasp) RUG for stowing shoes. It's that pathetic. If I could do woodwork I'd custom-make a little shoebench. Especially since I'm DYING to make the seat cushion for it. Maybe I'll be desperate enough and use cardboard.

  3. Hey again! Left an award for you on my blog. Go see! (And sorry if it means more work for you).

  4. Thanks gals!

    And LiEr, I have no doubt that you coul make an amazingly cool bench out of cardboard. Actually, I have seen real honest-to-goodness furniture made out of cardboard. It was fantastic - sturdy and beautiful too. Will resist the urge to google it right now -- must google less!!! : )

  5. Your converted cubbie coat hanger is fantastic! Like you, I love that it matches the other one. And four hooks is great--one for each girl and one for friends! Great job.

  6. Thanks, Mom. Yeah, that 4th hook sure ain't gonna be for a 4th kid! : )



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