Tuesday, May 13

Kids' Coat Rack Shelf Thing

Ken's finally home again, arrived late Thursday night. Then, Saturday, we had a "pirates & princesses" birthday party for Heidi, but since I haven't downloaded those pictures yet, I'm posting another past project, staying with the rain theme from last week: a shelf I made, with hooks for the girls coats and umbrellas. This is no woodworking masterpiece or home dec showcase piece, but that's kinda why it makes me so happy. It's not "perfect" but it's "good enough." I made it without endless planning and researching, just during an afternoon after decluttering our entry and realizing we really needed a spot the girls could reach to hang their coats. And best of all, I only used stuff I already had around the house:
  • piece of wood from the odds-n-ends pile in the garage; not really wide enough to be a "shelf" but good enough
  • some fabric from my free stash to cover the stains, etc on the wood; not really what I would've picked if purchasing but good enough
  • some L-brackets bought for a project about 10 years ago which was never even started; not super sturdy but good enough (esp. considering the dinky width of the shelf)
  • leftover hooks from the coat rack/cubby thing hanging higher and to the left of this little one (it's hard to see in the mini-picture of it here, but the 6 hooks along the front had seemed too busy to me, especially since there were already 8 along the back, so I only attached 2 when I assembled it. And surprise, surprise, 2 years later I was able to find the other 4 I hadn't attached!); more than good enough, they're great!
What I'd really love to do is make a coat rack/cubby thing that matches the one we already have except with 3 cubbies ('cause we ain't having a 4th kid!). I salivate just thinking of the measuring and sawing and routing, oh the routing, that would be required. But by the time I actually get that done, the girls will all be tall enough to reach the IKEA one we already have or maybe even off in homes of their own by then! So the dinky, thrown-together shelf it is! : )

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  1. Oh, the things you find on Kristi's page! And now, your page!
    Will and I have that exact 4-cubbie shelf thing in our apartment. We left off the hooks too... way too busy!



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